Call for entries
Deadline: 15 June 2012

Web Biennial 2012, Wb12: Open Call

OCCUPY CONTENT: Have we reached the end of the Internet as we knew it?

The last few years threats over the openness and the democracy of the medium have significantly augmented. With the introduction of the new Internet censorship laws on the name of intellectual property, increasing government surveillance and control under the pretense of security and continuously evolving systems of data aggregation applied by companies, the Internet territory seems to be doomed to a fatal change. No matter to which extent the new agreements will pass, how different governments and countries might react, and how companies might cooperate according to their own interests, insecurity and fear cast their shade over the Internet’s freedom.

Can networks survive with the restrictions and inhibitions being imposed to them? Can they withstand data disclosure and control? While these questions remain open, the voices rising up multiply, arguing that the internet ultimately can not be regulated and controlled. As every power feeds its counterpower and every mechanism of control, its anti-mechanism, structures can be opposed and transformed by the potentiality of resistance by millions of users around the world.

Believing that collaborative creative processes can formulate new common grounds of participation, Web Biennial 12 wishes to address a call to all creative netizens, seeking for different alternatives that can be offered.
Not only web based and net based projects but ideas, statements, platforms and tools are also welcome; as well as anything that could contribute to an open platform which aims to assist in building a free network of networks beyond control…

WB12 team: Dimitris Fotiou, Daphne Dragona, Matthias Fritsch. Web Biennial is founded by Genco Gulan.

Web Biennial 2012 – Submission instructions

To submit your work for the Webbiennial 2012 please provide the following:
*project title
*description (200 words)
*bio (200 words)
*URL of the project or other related links
*2 stills
*other files necessary

once selected: put the following title tags inside your index page (consult a web master if necessary):

#WB12: Occupy Content – Name of the Artist – Name of Your Project

For example: If your name is “John Doe” and your project is titled “YourProjectX” then your code should look like this:

#WB12: Occupy Content – John Doe – YourProjectX


E-mail submissions to:


ATHENS, 163 41