Call for entries
Deadline: 15 October 2012

The organizers & festival team Invite artists working with video, animation and new media to participate in the project: The fifth International Festival of videoart in urban spaces, Yekaterinburg.

Festival dates: November 1-30, 2012
Festival place: Yekaterinburg [Russia]

DEADLINE for submissions – October 15, 2012

All necessary information and application forms you can receive on the web-site of the project , or e-mail


· The amount of the applications from one participant is not circumscribed (see OV2007_entry_eng.doc, OV2007_entry_eng.pdf).

· Only one work from one author can be selected for public outdoor screening in Day Program.

· Each work day program is shown on outdoor screens in the city for one day with a period of 30 minutes

· Authors of video works selected for the Day Program will receive a fee for public display – 50 euro.


Total length of each video works – 30 seconds
Attention! Total length of your works should be 30 seconds maximum without titles (titles will be having standard design for all works).

Colour palette PAL (preferable) or NTSC (will converted to PAL)

Image resolution – 1024×768 pxls
Attention! Works will be screened on outdoor video screens network should have the resolution – 1024×768 pxls. Aspect ratio 4:3. Video with the resolution of less than 1024×768 pxls will increase, which can cause undesirable artifacts. The preferable resolution should not be less 720х576 pxls (PAL) and 720х480 pxls (NTSC). Video with the resolution greater than 1024×768 pxls will be reduced, some small details may be lost.

Aspect ratio 4:3
Attention! Working with an aspect ratio of 16:9 will be shown on outdoor video screens with black bars at the top and bottom of the frame (if the author is not marked in the application the opportunity to cut the frame on the left and right).

The number of frames per second – 25 fps

No sound

Containers (file formats) *. AVI (Video for Windows), *. MOV (QuickTime Interchangeable), *. MKV (Matroska); animation can be sent in formats *. SWF (Adobe Flash player, version no higher than 7-9), and *. FLA (Adobe Flash version is not up CS3).

Codecs – H.264 or recommend Uncompressed video compressed in RAR or ZIP archive.
Attention! Do not use rare and exotic codecs. Please contact us about your codecs you are using for your works, if they differ from those recommended.


• Send confirmation of your participation to e-mail, in confirmation please indicate your name, e-mail, address, telephone or fax and supposed quantity of video works.

• Prepare your work in accordance with the technical requirements (please connect with us if you have any question technical aspect of preparation and sending the works).

• Place your works on public FTP (we recommend to DROPBOX.COM) or your own FTP (in that case we need address of your FTP & instructions to download your files: login, password, folder name, file name. Each video work should be named by your last name with number – smitson1.AVI, smitson2.AVI, smitson3.AVI etc.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! – we NOT accept links to works posted on public video hosting sites (like YOUTUBE.COM, VIMEO.COM or so) or social networks (like FACEBOOK.COM, MYSPACE.COM or so). We accept ONLY DOWNLOAD LINKS to files of your works in good quality (file hosting of your choice – we advise DROPBOX.COM)

• Fill “entry form” for each video work. You can get an application in the format *. DOC, *. PDF, asking her to e-mail:, or download from the website Be sure that each file of named by your last name and number of work, e.q. smitson1.DOC, smitson2.RTF smitson3.RTF etc. Each video work should be named with same manner e.q. smitson1.AVI, smitson2.AVI, smitson3.AVI etc.

• Send to e-mail:, links to download your works. Please, attach to the letter entry forms (DOC or PDF), scan of autorization page with your signature, stills of your video work (*. JPG) and your photo portrait (*. JPG size not less than 400 pxls on the small side)

Vasilisa Tsoy (director of festival) +7 (904) 546-40-25 Skype: toyasinobi
Arseny Sergeyev (curator of festival) +7 (965) 575-33-69 Skype: artpolitik
Anastasia Barashkina (manager of festival) +7 (922) 031-24-48