Call for entries
Deadline: 25 January 2013

IX Media Art Monographic Show
XII International Image Festival
April 15 to 19 of 2013

The XII International Image Festival
calls for the IX Media Art Monographic
Show, which aims at promoting creation, linked to technology, and
favours the integration among design, art, science and technology.

It also promotes the exhibition of telematic developments and collaborative work among networks of designers, artists, engineers, communicators, and interdisciplinary collective, through works produced in video graphic, electronic or digital supports.

Call Calendar
Opening / on September 15, 2012
Closes receipt of offers / on January 25, 2013
Publication admitted offers / on February 15, 2013
Publication special mentions / on April 19, 2013

The selected works of the call the IX Media Art Monographic Show they will appear in the XII International image festival, which will be carried out in Manizales, Colombia, from April 15 to April 19, 2013.

The finalist’s works will be evaluated by an international juror who will give a special mention to the outstanding works.
Information about participant works in the previous Samples it is possible to see in the page of the Festival
IX Media Art Monographic Show
-Video- installations
Artistic and interactive works with aims for visual communication
-Net Art
Artistic works which take advantage of telematics nets and databases.
Interactive digital products for the web with aims for visual communication.
-Video Art and Animation
Images in movement of analogous and digital origin for multiple uses to support arts expressions or with aims for visual communication
-Digital Photography
Digital images of arts expression or with aims for visual communication

Works’ Requirements
Works must fulfill the following requirements:
a) Must have been produced after 2010.
b) Must show that the work is the result of the interrelation and the exploration
of new forms where the electronic and digital technologies generate a
particular aesthetic proposal.
c) Must have been concluded and must have the capacity for operating and
be exhibited on the date of the closing of Call for proposals.
-The participation in this Call implies the authorization to the University of
Caldas to show the works during the International Image Festival and the
authors grant the permission for using images of the work for diffusion and
publicity of the event. The rights remain in property of the author.
-The materials will not be returned to the senders and they will be integrated to
the file of the Imagoteca of the Department of Visual Design of the University of Caldas. These materials could be used for educational purposes, as well as for diffusion and divulgation of Imagoteca, with nonprofit purposes. The decisions taken by the Committee of pre-selection and the international Juror will not be appealed.

IX Media Art Monographic Show
-The organization of the Festival will select 4 works belonging to the category of video installation to exhibit them in the diffusion of the event; the installation costs will be assumed by the festival; the transportation and lodging expenses will be covered by the participant.

-This Call is understood as a show of works and projects, so the organization of the Festival will not give any prize in terms of money to the participant works.
-The selected applicants for this show will have a preferential rate for the International Image Festival, with the “participants’ passport” which includes entry to the international seminar, registration to 1 workshop (theworkshops have limited number of participants).
-The official languages for this call will be Spanish and English. Works should come with subtitles or dubbing in any of these languages.
-The works that are sent after the deadline date established by the Call will not be considered, evaluated or exhibited.
Registration process and delivery Works must be registered by their author. In case a work has been created by a group, a representative will be designated by the group to represent it.

Register the work in the link Media Art Form
After registration, the author or representative will receive a confirmation mail sent by the Festival Organization, together with a form in which authors authorize the reproduction of the work registered in this Call. (Without this authorization the work will not be exhibited).

Delivery must carry out preferably by e- mail, and it should include the following:
-Work. DVD or CDROM of information with two copies of the work in highquality edition. If sent by e-mail, the work must be attached. If it exceeds the permissible weight, it can be upload in some platform of file hosting like sendspace, wetransfer, you send it, or dropbox, and send the upload link to
the e-mail

IX Media Art Monographic Show
-1-3 images of the work in high quality, both in printed and digital formats.
-The authorization form of reproduction of the work, duly completed (in
physical or digital format).
-In case the works belong to the category of video installation, they must be sent in a video-prototype of the work and attach technical specifications that contain the following information:

1. Map
2. Electrical connections (specify measures of cabling)
3. Light connections
4. Software
5. Equipment: video, sound, lighting
6. Furniture needed for installation or for assembly.
7. Observations

Proposals must be submitted to the following address:
Convocatoria Media Art
Universidad de Caldas
XI Festival Internacional de la Imagen
Calle 65 N0. 26 – 10
Manizales, Colombia


IX Media Art Monographic Show
-Works with date of delivery posted until January 15, 2013 will be accepted.
-Works, forms and further information on works will be accepted via e-mail.
Those must be sent to, before 18:00 h on January 25, 2013.
-Works must be sent in High Definition format, those that don’t fulfill with this condition will not be considered.
-For international deliveries, please certify that the contents are of cultural nature and have no commercial value. The festival will not afford for posting nor packaging costs, nor any taxes.