Call for entries
Deadline: 10 December 2012

Third International Conference on Arts and Technology:
Call for exhibition

The ArtsIT 2013 exhibition aims at presenting innovative and cutting-edge artworks, performances and shows that exploit ICT technologies.
The exhibition is open to a large variety of submissions including, but not limited to:
– Interactive art installations, augmented performances and other forms of ICT augmented works
– Technical demonstrations of prototype technologies of advanced entertainment technology
– Audio, visual and other sensory forms of digital interaction

Submission guidelines
Prospecting participants must submit a 2 page extended abstract describing the proposed works and the form they will be presented at the conference (a video-based presentation rather than a live demonstration).
The abstract may include any additional attachments (e.g., links of video, photos) for a thorough evaluation of the contribution.
Submissions should be in English.
The abstract must be submitted as PDF document.


Third International Conference on Arts and Technology
March 21–23, 2013
Milano, Italy

Participants are expected to present their work at the exhibition session of the conference. The presentation could consist of a video-based presentation or a live demonstration, accordingly to what declared in the submitted abstract. In the case of live demonstrations participants are expected to bring all the necessary equipment to the conference site with them.