Call for entries
Deadline: 16 December 2012

Open Call

We welcome professional artists and artist groups to submit a proposal for a two dimensional artwork which will be publicly displayed in a highly frequented underpass in Zurich’s (Switzerland) new business district.

Subject Area:
When we think about differences and differentiations – be they cultural, conceptual, formal or gender, just to mention a few – we also have to take into consideration their borders, limits and boundaries as well as overlapping moments. Following these distinguishing borders or tangential lines of divergence and variation can trigger visionary thoughts and critical questions and also faciliate the exploration of new fields.
We are interested in expanding these fields of meanings and concepts.
We are looking for a creative communication between your position, idea or vision of the outside world, the imaginary space and its visual representation in urban Switzerland.
The public area Hardbrücke should be a window that offers connections of any and all sorts.
Please note that the artwork will be printed on a 16 x 2.15 meter truck tarp.
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Application guideline:
Applications must be submitted in English or German.
Each applicant may submit only one concept.
The application should include:
> Contact information of the artist (including: name, surname,
postal address, e-mail address, phone number, …)
> A curriculum vitae, no longer than 1A4 page as a PDF
> Artist portfolio of works no older than 3 years
> Project proposal, including a visual sketch and a description of
300-500 words max. (please submit as a PDF)
Please submit your complete application by e-mail until December 16, 2012 to: (please note, only complete applications will be considered)
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The application process:
Once the deadline has passed, the jury will select 6 projects which will be on display sequentially in the underpass from February – July 2013. Each piece will be displayed for min. 4 weeks. If your work gets selected you will be informed of the dates your work will be on display. Each artist selected will receive an artist fee of 1000 CHF.
The decision of the jury will be mailed out to all participant mid January.