Call for entries
Deadline: 14 January 2013

The X-Border Art Biennial is the only art biennial to be arranged simultaneously in three different countries, using exhibition spaces in in Luleå, Sweden; Rovaniemi, Finland and Severomorsk, Russia. We invite artists from around the world to explore and review the issues of borders, identity, cultural diversity and knowledge in an era of globalization.

X-Border Art Biennial 2013 invites proposals for works that address and examine what a border might mean to human beings – in all its aspects – social, political, existential, philosophical, technological, scientific – in the 21st century. We are looking for artworks that create a ‘bridge’ from Luleå, via Rovaniemi, to Severomosk.

We are also looking for works that reflect on the influence of the internet on our worldview, space and time experience, social interaction and understanding of borders. We ask, is the internet a utopia where every empty or silent domain represents a free, unclaimed space? What would you do with this space? Who would this space reach, connect or isolate? Selected artworks will be presented in online exhibition as part of X-Border biennale.

The X-Border Art Biennial is a cooperation between the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland; “the centre of socio-cultural technologies of Municipal formation of the closed administrative territorial formation of the town of Severomorsk”, Russia and Luleå Art Biennial / Kilen Art Group, Luleå, Sweden.

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