call: We Are One World

extended deadline: 19 December 2017 Call for entries The W:OW project – We Are One World is a media art project in an exchange between virtual and physical space (online/offline) dealing with the most essential question of human existence, eg. the survival of the human species and planet EARTH as a living habitat for all species and biological systems. The project is open for digital artistic media (visual – moving, interactive, static images and non-visual – soundart) and -will be released in different presentation formats – The online/offline W:OW Project core – the W:OW Art Film & Vidfeo Festival and the virtual and a physical W:OW exhibition in all its constellations (confronting & integrating analogue & digital media). Participating is free of charge. Human made – that’s the basic keyword for all threats, just to name some: The exploitation of the natural resources to the benefit of just a few globally acting corporations destroying the natural environment sustainably– the global warming and the climate change as a result of this misuse taking a dramatic impact on the environment and the nature as the living habitat enforcing people to migrate migrating due to the destruction of the living habitat, discrimination, persecution, expulsion and extermination, threatening animals, plants and the biological systems with extinct, making the resources of fresh water shrink on all continents which has the huge potential for military conflicts in future , the military conflicts of the Present to the benefit of some regional powers like in Middle East, Africa or Ukraine, … Continue reading call: We Are One World