Deadline: extended until 15 September 2020

Call for entries

Corona! Shut down?
The Corona crisis is demanding from people around the globe to reduce their social contacts in order to avoid a rapid spread of the virus.

The Wake-Up! Memorial is inviting audio-visual artists to submit one work – video and/or soundart – dealing with this – hopefully temporarily limited shut down .

The submitted work will be immediately reviewed and – if appropriate – also immediately posted online in the framework of the 1st Corona Festival – NewMediaFest2020
Please send the video (mp4 1280×720 or 1920×1080 – duration: 1 minute – max 5 minutes) and soundart (mp3) via WETRANSFER – to artvideokoeln (at)

video specifications:
the video requires at the start: title and name of creator, and at the end, full credits (including at least: title, name of creator, year of production, copyright)

Submission form
please send following information as plain email text

Name, 1st name
email adress /URL homepage
brief bio (max. 100 words)

title of video
year of production
synopsis (max. 50 words)

By submitting, the submitter agrees, that the audio-visual work will be released online in the framework of The Wake up! Memorial free of charge, all rights remain to the submitter/owner. Screenshots of videos may be used for non-commercial purposes free of change, as well.


The Wake Up! Memorial