Deadline: 9 May 2021
Call for entries

Pocket art: digital and online art,
Dates & location: 12 May 2021, online/Edinburgh

Pocket art is an experimental platform for digital art, birthed during the lockdown, as an alternative to galleries, it provides easily accessible art.
An app that allows visiting different artworks on the phone, taking into account the physical environment you are in, linking the artworks to specific GPS coordinates in Edinburgh.

The platform aims to host net art, art in augmented reality, game art, and different form of art born online or to be experienced on the screen, and it promotes web-art created for peculiar places of the city.

It is an experiment in curation to experience and spread web based-art, and contextualizing artworks online.
The open call welcomes a broad variety of projects, including net art, augmented reality, game art, generative art, participative projects, sound art, etc.

The artwork should be digital and accessible from a mobile phone, and should have a link with a real place and be site-specific.

Pocket art is a research project undertaken within Edinburgh Napier University, not fully completed, and still under development. The artworks and projects submitted, therefore, will not be rewarded but would take part at the first launch of Pocket art and the research.

For any questions or more information, please contact

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