Deadline: 1 September 2017
Call for entries

Neurosis – Call For Papers

The political events of 2015-2016 witnessed the rise of far and alt right politics in many countries including the US, the Philippines, and various countries in the EU. This shift reveals a dissatisfaction with the currently long established political parties but also with what appears to be an increasing inability to imagine a better, more egalitarian, and safe future.

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT press), together with NeMe, invites papers from academics, researchers, artists, curators, and activists for issues investigating questions such as: Can art play a role in instigating socio-political change? What is the political role of art in the internet age? Do artists have a moral responsibility not only to reflect, but to propose new, alternative systems? What is the role of artists in helping to develop new utopias?

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