Deadline: 9 March 2020
Call for entries

Spring Off the Road Desert Residency

Dates & location of event context
Dates: 22.3.2020-26.3.2020

Spring Off the Road Desert Residency
5 Days Outdoor artistic expirence Off the Road Israel with Leading Artist Ynin Shillo.
“For the past few months, I have been going on a solitary journeys
This quiet of the desert
In the distance you see a shepherd
Or a camel herd sometimes
All of a sudden I stop at a place isolated of all
Just travel
Stop and sit there for a few hours .. make coffee and eat .. Surrender up to the place
Take a picture, video, sound or draw

An experience that can open the chakras of creativity

The artists selected for the program will be the guest of honor in my creative journey.”

Anu Banu Group Lead By Ynin Shillo is a platform for Art, Art Projects and Artistic collaborations.

Admission requirements :
Name, age, country of originFive works that rep
resent you
*All in one PDF

entry fee – no

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