Deadline: 20 March 2020
Call for entries

The Spring 2020 collection
Undocumented events and object permanence
– An online exhibition series and work in progress thematizing documentation, conservation, (false) memory, (art) object, phenomenology, and blockchain certification.

The exhibition series is chunked into a seasonal schedule around equinoxes and solstices.
We’re currently gathering works for the Spring 2020 collection.
The deadline is 20 March.
A book will be made in 2020 with works from the collections.

Works called for can challenge documentation, preservation, perception, memory, cognition, existence, potential, and the limitations of this approach; the rear view and backside of these notions and their formless aspects (neither form nor content) – their undermining, exploitable, parasitic sense – as body, base materialism, horizontality, pulse, entropy, cadaver, figure, gestalt, isotropy, joke, kitsch (to quote some already well-known anti-categories); dank memes, Kantian conceptualism, Husserlian descriptivism, experimental ontology, personal science, self-tracking, anti-forensics. We’d also like to see how a proof-of-existence functionality could form the basis of an experimental archiving practice.

The Winter 2019 collection saw works by dan arenzon, Elmer Basso, Schleim Beutel, Eskil Borgen, brad brace, Ana Buigues, Harrison Burgess, Telford Caisse, Vojtech Cermák, Romero Chapa, Mark Cypher, Lucas Davey, Eduardo Dias Melo, Katja Eriksson, Marius M. Friis, James A Hutchinson, Timo Kahlen, Kayleigh Lees, Garrett Lynch IRL, Bjørn Magnhildøen, Amelia Marzec, Cecil Minick, Annabelle Mirams, Håkon Møgster, andreasnagel, Jeneen Naji, Karsten Nilsen, Adrian Pickett, Adrian Pickett w/ wiwowu, David Quiles Guilló, Cristiano Rabat, Stefanie Reling-Burns, Matias E. Reyes, Zachary Ryan, ronnie s, Johannes Solberg, Alan Sondheim, Christoffer Støylen, Herman Söderström, Michael Szpakowski, THEREISAMAJORPROBLEMINAUSTRALIA, Elle Thorkveld, Dennis Vogler, Clemente Waller, Roland Wegerer, Paul Wiegerinck, William Wolfgang Wunderbar, zsolt.