Deadline: 17 January 2021
Call for entries

* films for future Clip Award *

We don’t just want to show you fascinating films, we want to show you too
motivate you to make your own film. That’s why there is films for
future festival a Clip Award with attractive prizes and a
Public voting. Join in and get creative with your own film.

With the many technical possibilities it is possible for almost everyone today
to make a movie. Please think carefully: which story do I want
tell to captivate the audience? How can I make the film simple, short
and make it exciting?

Our theme this year is:

* We are stuck in the climate crisis. How do we get out of there? *

Perhaps the greatest challenge for our future is that
our wonderful planet will not become uninhabitable due to climate catastrophes.
With your films you can help that more people know about the topic
think and take action.

Your films are between 1 and 3 minutes long. Remember, shorter ones are often
Movies more impactful, so make it as short as possible. The prize money
amounts to a total of CHF 2,500 and is based on the top five winners

*1. Price: 1000 CHF *

* 2. Price: 700 CHF *

* 3. Price: 400 CHF *

* 4. Price: 200 CHF *

* 5. Price: 200 CHF *

Of course we want your films to be seen as often as possible.
We will therefore make all accepted films available on our website
do and apply. We will also include the suitable winning films
Push a total of CHF 500 on social media platforms.

Closing date: SUN January 17, 2021 until 11 p.m. The jury of
films-for-future selects up to 10 films in advance to be shown at the festival
to be shown. There the audience then decides which films are the first
Take 5 winning places.

* Conditions of submission: *

The film is between 1 and 3 minutes long, it is after January 1st, 2020
originated and is related to the mentioned topic. The movie should
16: 9 (landscape format) in good quality so that it can be used in the cinema
can be shown.

Below is the entry form and the conditions of participation:

* Entry form short film competition 2021 *