extended Deadline: 31 Mai 2021
Call for entries


Dates: September 27-28-29th 2021

Entry Fee: Yes

1) Shorts of all genres, styles and narrative forms are allowed, realised from January 1st 2019.
2) The short films must have a maximum length of 20 minutes (with credits).
3) The films can be exclusively submitted by using Filmfreeway.

4) Three different deadlines are provided:
Inaugural Deadline (from October 12th to November 12th 2020): € 8,00
Earlybird Deadline (from November 13th to December 13th 2020): € 9,00
Regular Deadline (from December 14th 2020 to April 30th 2021): € 10,00

5) In no case the registration fee can be paid back; it has to be considered a contribution to Associazione Culturale Laterale for the realization of the event.
6) The works’ selection will be curated by the festival artistic direction and will have to remain confidential until the announcement of the programme.
7) Once selected, the short films cannot be withdrawn from the festival.
8) Some of the selected workframes might be used for promotional purposes of the festival.
9) The selected shorts will join the archive of Laterale Film Festival. The organisers commit themselves to use the films only for cultural purposes. Therefore, the works won’t be commercially exploited, to protect the interests of the authors and of the production.
10) The festival’s direction reserves the right to include in the Lateral Selection those films that slightly exceed the scheduled time limits but that can be considered significant for artistic values.
11) The participation to the festival implies the total acceptance of the present regulation. The artistic direction has the final judgement on controversial cases.

Entry form
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laterale_film_festival
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lateraleff

Email: lateralefilmfestival@gmail.com