Deadline: 15 June 2021
Call for entries


Visual Artist Association of Užice (UVUU) is launching an open call for the

third edition of Contemporary art festival “Videopark”, which will be held
in July 22-24. 2021 in Užice (Serbia) on the topic “Hospitable Utopia”.

The theme of this year’s festival is aimed to those authors who in the process of their research deal with envisioned, fabricated or imagined pictures of reality and utopias, images of the past and future, re-examining society as a whole, questioning collective and individual utopias, or even how and in what way images being lost in a multitude of parallel worlds of everyday existence.

The aim of the festival is to acquaint the general public with contemporary artistic practices in the field of video, film and moving images, as well as to point out the insufficient affirmation of this type of artistic expression.

Presenting experimental works that through a wide range of visual forms, processes and practices include questions and contribute to the creative and critical understanding of reality that surrounds us, as well as implementing forms of a modern digital medium is just one of the things we are standing for. Working within the local community, supporting decentralization and
creating a platform to all young artists, it aims to shift the power from large cultural centers, festivals and fairs to the smaller ones, and become the mutual and common ground to all visual artists that commonly use video as a part of their everyday language.

Submissions through the link:

No entry fee!

Work requirements:
– The video shall not be longer than 20 minutes
– Only one-channel video works are taken into consideration
– Only works created in the last 3 years are acceptable.

Contact for any additional information –

After the jury selection makes a decision, authors will be informed of the results by E-mail.
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Residency participants:
Improper Walls
University of Applied Arts Vienna A&S