Deadline: 15 June 2022
Call for entries

for the 26th VIDEOMEDEJA

Dear artists, representatives of the media, civil organizations and public institutions,

We would like to inform you that the Call for Entries has been announced and that the Call for Volunteers for the 26th International New Media Art Festival VIDEOMEDEJA has been opened.

Submissions are done online only, so you stay safe and productive.

The Call for Entries is open from April 1st, and will run until June 15th, 2022, and volunteer registrations are open until September 1st, 2022.

The International New Media Art Festival VIDEOMEDEJA will be held from October 7th to October 9th, 2022 in Cultural Station Svilara in Novi Sad.

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International New Media Art Festival VIDEOMEDEJA is basic activity of the Video Art Association VIDEOMEDEJA. This is an annual non-profit event lasting for a few days. Festival consists of the competitive program and various accompanying programs which, depending on the current productions and conception, happens on the different locations in Novi Sad.

Programs focuses on art projects using new media for artistic expression and communication feature a wide variety of genres and forms that combine images and sound, advanced communication, objects, in a symbiotic or avant-garde style.

Competitive program is open to various forms of creative artistic expression and communication made using electronic media and completed after January 1st, 2020.

An artist may submit more than one work.

There are no fixed criteria in terms of theme and form.

The selection committee will not consider works containing offensive or aggressive messages or content.

Like previous years Video Art Association VIDEOMEDEJA is looking for new art works from the next category and audio-visual media:

SCREENING: video art, short films, digital animations
MEDIA PROJECT: media installations, interventions in the exhibition area, advanced technologies in artistic practice, interactive art in all forms and formats: robotic objects, virtual reality, net and social-media projects, audio-visual performances

In addition, we would be very pleased to receive suggestions from editors and producers / distributors for the non-competitive part of the program.

Entry forms are posted on the website and artists can submit their work online, easily and free of charge. More about the Terms and Conditions can be found at:

An invitation to volunteer or practice at the 26th International New Media Art Festival VIDEOMEDEJA could be of use and importance to the youth population.
Apply online and gain professional experience, compulsory school practice, a recommendation letter from the Video Art Association Videomedeja, a rich biography and experience through interesting work and socializing with artists and members of an international jury.

Anyone interested in volunteering at 26th VIDEOMEDEJA can get more information through the link:

All video art lovers will be able to enjoy the program of the festival, which will be made of the latest and innovative artworks from the world of contemporary video art. The 26th International New Media Art Festival VIDEOMEDEJA is planning to present the regular edition of the Festival, live in front of the audience in the screening room in Cultural Station Svilara in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Due to the new epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19 virus or any emergency situation that may endanger human lives or prohibit gatherings and cultural events, for security reasons, there is a possibility that this year the Videomedeja festival will be realized via the Internet – online LIVE stream in real time. There will be no replays, nor will there be the possibility of delayed viewing. Access will be free, and registration will not be necessary, nor will there be geolocation restrictions. Your work will receive maximum protection against abuse (from downloading or similar) and immediately after the Festival program is over will no longer be available to the public. By registering for Festival 2022, you give permission for your work to be shown online via the LIVE video stream if necessary.

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The support of the media and other organizations and institutions means a lot to us for the successful realization of the Festival, and for this reason we would be very grateful to you, in accordance with your possibilities, to support the Festival by informing the public about the current Competition and Invitation to volunteers.

Partners and Support of the 26th. Videomedeja: Fondacija “Novi Sad – Evropska prestonica kulture”

In the hope that you will inform the public about the current Call for Entry and Call for Volunteers and that we will have successful cooperation this year.

For any additional information contact us on email: and for arrangements for guest appearances in media, please contact our member of the team in charge of publicity, Marijana Topo, email: or phone: +381 (0) 65 22 99 092

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