Deadline: 20 December 2022
Call for entries

bb15 art space – FRICTION

Residency and exhibition
Location: bb15 art space, Linz, Austria
Duration: 10 to 14 days – Spring 2023, Autumn 2023 or early 2024

bb15 art space is seeking proposals for its 2023-2024 program around the open-ended theme of friction. Friction is against sameness, the continuum, the immediate. An emerging friction defeats expectations, questions the agreement and is itchy. Frictioning implies resistance, going against a certain motion. bb15 is looking for projects that bring tension, distortion and counter-current into the flow of things.

bb15 is hosting a program of exhibitions, performances, screenings, talks and happenings. We are open to original propositions that are site-specific, closely or loosely related to sound and engaging with the theme of the open call.

Installation/production residency for up to two weeks. bb15 can facilitate a few days more in case the artist(s) want to make specific research in Linz. The exhibition duration is 14 days.

Conditions: 800€ artist fee (also for collectives). Travel fees within Europe will be additionally covered. Artists will be provided with free accommodation in Linz. They will work within bb15 premises. Production material up to 200€ is covered with receipts. No application fees!

Possible periods: Spring 2023, Autumn 2023 or early 2024

bb15 will provide technical and curatorial support. We expect that the artist is able to work independently and has a clear plan for the implementation of their proposal, with production developed prior to the residency.

bb15 will take care of the promotion of the exhibition.
bb15 will give access to its technical equipment (projectors, speakers, media players, etc)
We are looking for respectful, inclusive and thoughtful collaborations. 

bb15 favors train and bus trips over other means of transportation.
We encourage potential applicants to browse our website in order to see the types of projects that bb15 usually supports.

The application is online, deadline on 20th December 2022. Apply now!
Application are to be filled online at:

About bb15: bb15 is an independent artist-run-space and curatorial collective active in the Linz art scene since 2009. As an open space for artists, bb15 develops exhibitions, performances, and cultural events, fostering experimental approaches. bb15 is involved in international and local collaborations, acting as a platform that supports emerging artists throughout their careers.