Deadline: 23 August 2023
Call for entries

2024 Residency Application: Vashon Artist Residency

Vashon Artist Residency offers artists space and time to create, connect and live in a community of artists on spectacular Vashon Island in Washington State. We have 11 sessions scheduled for 2024 and we will host 4 artists in each session. We welcome artists working in visual, music, dance, theater, media, literary and interdisciplinary arts.

At Vashon Artist Residency, residents enjoy a warm, well-appointed, and comfortable home, located on the shore of the Salish Sea. Each artist has their own bedroom and access to an artist studio, writing desk or our sound lab to foster their creative practice.

We are committed to offering this opportunity to artists from different races, economic backgrounds, disciplines, regions and countries. We believe that bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds will stimulate growth and exploration for each individual and their cohort.

ELIGIBILITY: All artists who apply must be a minimum of 21 years of age. Applicants may not be enrolled in a full-time, matriculated, degree program. We strongly recommend applicants have a working knowledge of English. Vashon Artist Residency does not provide language interpreters.

SESSIONS: All sessions are 3.5 weeks long except for Session 1 and Session 8, which are 2-week sessions. We have four artists in each residency session.

EXPECTATIONS: We do not place productivity or public presentation requirements on residents. Artists are free to experiment, research, create new work and rest as they wish. Any work artists make at Vashon Artist Residency will be theirs.

APPLICATION CRITERIA & REVIEW: Invitation to Vashon Artist Residency is based on demonstrated commitment to your artistic practice, the strength of past artwork, the feasibility of residency goals and the ability to co-create a positive communal life and work environment in a rural setting. Applications are reviewed by a peer-panel that changes annually.

We request applicants provide the name and email address of one (1) reference. We recommend selecting someone who can speak to your creative practice and your ability to live and work in a positive way with others.

APPLICATION FEE: Vashon Artist Residency’s nonrefundable application fee is $25, due upon submission. This fee is used to pay for our online application system. Applicants unable to pay the application fee may request a waiver without explanation, by emailing us so we can remove the fee from your application account.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at 11:59 PM (Pacific).