Deadline: 15 February 2024
Call for entries – Open Call 2024 Artist in Residence Program
May 1 -June 30, 2024

We offer a couple of virtual and one onsite Artist in Residence at the net art & digital culture initiative ‘’ in Graz, Austria.
For whom is this residency?

This residency program offers artists / digital activists / researchers who work in the fields of digital humanities, media & net art, tactical and critical media / network studies an opportunity to develop new and adapt already existing artworks.

What does offer?

To the artists-in-residence, offers its infrastructure and possible assistance by the ‘’ admin team and the wider Artists can involve the community in the research process, develop ideas together, collaborate with others and produce digital artworks. For the onsite residency in Graz (Austria), an appropriate accommodation in the ‘Künstlerinnenwohnung’ located in the same building as the ‘’ headquarter will be provided.
What is the focus of the residency?

In 2024, ‘’ celebrates its 25+ years anniversary. For this year we draw special focus on

Do-It-Together archiving strategies,
collaborative storytelling and different formats of
on- / off-line community participation.

The focus of the residency links into this year’s overall activities.

The aim is to collaboratively document ‘’s’ history by collecting and processing audiovisual material, stories, and (sometimes obsolete) technologies in order to create artistic projects with it. A group of local artists from the ‘’ – community will elaborate on this topic throughout the year in continuous meetups. The residency project is expected to connect with those ongoing activities, creating links and engaging with the local community.

The residency will take place before and during the annual mur-worklab, organised as an “un-conference” taking place in Graz (Austria) in June 2024. It consists of theoretical and practical input sessions, such as public keynote speeches, discussions and hands-on workshops which center on the annual theme. The artists-in-residence contribute to the worklab with content-related impulses (demonstrations, lectures, etc.) which are related to their residency projects and/or their overall fields of expertise. The participants of the worklab will be of local actors and external invited guests. Outcomes from the residency and worklab will be publicly presented at the end of the worklab as well as in a permanent online documentation on
About the program

Key data for on-site residency in Graz

Residency timeframe: May 1 to June 30, 2024 (2 months).
A fee of €3000.- to compensate extra costs an onsite residency generates.
Travel, accommodation and a workspace at ‘’ are provided.

Key data virtual residencies

Residency timeframe: May 1, 2024 onwards
A production fee is provided.
Projects will be hosted at mur-servers. Projects can use the existing infrastructure and/or propose extensions to it.

Expectations & Outcome

The invited artists will actively participate and co-curate the worklab in the end of June 2024.
Process documentation, artist talk, radio interview & the creation of one (or several) artworks using Open Source software & hardware.
Outcomes will be presented at the worklab.


We pre-review applications on a rolling basis! Application deadline: Feb. 15, 2024.
Please fill out the form
Selection and awarding is done by the operative mur-team, board members and invited community members.

About us

Since 1999 ‘’ operates a server farm in Graz (Austria) which is connected to the global network via ACOnet (Austrian Science Network).

The NETWORK ‘’ is a virtual, constantly expanding platform of artists and cultural workers from different sectors for the development and promotion of network culture, Web-Art, Sound Art, Software Art and Media Art in general. The INITIATIVE ‘’ is committed to technology development using Free/Libre & Open Source Software. Difference-forming media diversity, unrestricted flow of information and transparent knowledge transfer form the core content parameters of the NETWORK INITATIVE.

The TEAM ‘’ is organized as a self-administered, non-commercial company and forms the infrastructural basis (backbone) for the work of the ‘’ COMMUNITY at a high technical level. ‘’ creates conditions and expands the possibilities for net art and digital culture. The COMMUNITY consists of artists and cultural initiatives from Austria and other countries who use‘s infrastructure, share its values and collectively create events and art projects on the NETWORK and in physical space.
About the worklab format

For years ‘’ is organising worklabs as a core format within their yearly artistic program. Worklabs are “unconferences” lasting several days, to which open calls are invited. creates a temporary space in which local artists, technicians as well as guests and experts can discuss topics from the field of digital technology, art and their social implications. People from different fields and with different backgrounds meet and work together on ideas and drafts that become the starting point for future projects, publications and productions of the current and coming year. The worklabs are aiming to be both incubators for projects and open spaces for discussion where ideas, tools, practical and creative approaches are developed and tested collectively.
Key data Worklab

Timeframe: June 26-30, 2024.
Location: Graz (Austria).
Who: Virtual and on-site residents + local community members, invited guests.

No entry fee & sciencecalls: generalcalls: residencyresidenciesDeadline: 15 February 2024 Call for entries - Open Call 2024 Artist in Residence Program May 1 -June 30, 2024 We offer a couple of virtual and one onsite Artist in Residence at the net art & digital culture initiative ‘' in Graz, Austria. For whom is this residency? This residency program offers artists...@ The New Museum of Networked Art