Call for entries
Deadline: 1 May 2013 (reception)

Video competition “CITY-2013”

Video artists from all over the world – no matter what nationality, gender, ethnic and religious backgrounds, education and the academic degree – are invited to submit up to 3 pieces of video art created during the past 3 years – duration no longer than 5 minutes.

The videos to be included in the videoart program “CITY-2013” must be burned as DVD video [mpeg2 (DVD)] on DVD-R.

Deadline is 1 May 2013 (reception)
Please send the DVD to this postal address:

Studio “Verkhovyna”
Shevchenka str. 1,

or e-mail:
t. 380 97 507 33 65

The best art works will be selected by a competent jury. Each video should be accompanied by short textual info (author, name, year of production, and synopsis max 50 words in English).

The submitted video will remain at the organizing committee for the youth education and released afterwards on YouTube for documentation.

THE PROGRAM “CITY-2013” will take place in May 2013. The awards and prizes will be given by a jury consisting of art historians, critics, artists, writers and journalists.


The project of the PROGRAM “City-2013” will be organized in the framework of the 350 anniversary celebrations of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislav).

It is intending to combine different forms of videoart – traditional and latest developments – in one program, to give an overview over the Carpathian region as a part of Central Europe and the Ukraine, inviting at the same time artists from all over the world no matter where they come from.

CITY – an island in the sea of the European quest for a common house
CITY – A Central European oasis
CITY – a landscape made for living

Europe always wanted to fix its center, at least in the geographical sense. This place has been found about 100 years ago in Austro-Hungary close to the small town of Rakhiv in the Ukrainian Carpathians. And the City of Ivano-Frakivsk (formerly Stanislav) is very close, no more than 100 km in distance.

The City is famous for its favourable geographical location, its architecture and the wide range of cultural, sociological and architectural activities. The urban space has the potential to become an unique creative ground for realizing even unusual futuristic projects.

Curator Yaroslav Yanovsky
director of the movie studios “Verkhovyna „
Shevchenka str. 1,
t. 380 97 507 33 65