Call for entries
Deadline: 17 May 2013


Since its inception in 2002, the German Klangkunst-Preis has been
awarded to artistic works focusing specifically on fostering the
creative use of space and sound. In addition to the intrinsic artistic quality, acoustic assurance and sculptural certainty are above all the criteria for assessment and evaluation. Beginning in 2014, the EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD will expand the German Klangkunst-Preis onto a Europe-wide platform and include the entire genre of acoustic art.

The 2013 competition already incorporates the European orientation,
while remaining true to the constituting principles of the German
Klangkunst-Preis. Thus, the title: From the German Klangkunst-Preis to
the EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD. This year’s competition marks the founders’ conclusion of the decade-long phase of the German Klangkunst-Preis.

For the Klangkunst-Preis 2013, existing artworks based on spatially
influenced sound creations should be entered. A jury of experts will
select works for an exhibition in the Glaskasten Marl Museum of
Sculpture, to open 20 October 2013. Additionally, the same jury members will also invite a number of competing artists to Marl in the summer of 2013 to develop a concept for the creative design of the city centre.
One of these concepts will be selected for completion.

The Klangkunst-Preis 2013 is to be awarded by the Museum of Sculpture
Glaskasten Marl, Culture Radio wdr 3 and the Initiative Hören.

Further information on Marler Media Art Awards 2013 and application
forms can be found at