Call for entries
Deadline: 10 February 2014

SONIC ARTS AWARD 2014 – SECOND EDITION [ Ex PIARS – Premio Internazionale di Arti Sonore ]



The Sonic Arts Award is aimed at the production and promotion of sonic arts at an international level.

Sonic Arts Award will assign a cash prize to the winning project of each of the four categories.

– Sound Art €1,000.00

– Sonic Research €1,000.00

– Soundscapes €1,000.00

– Digital Art €1,000.00

+ 1 Label Prize: the Fratto9 records will select 1 (one) artist from among all participants for the publication of a CD as part of its catalogue.

+ 1 Art Residency: the Cardelli & Fontana Gallery in Sarzana (Italy) will host a sound artist among the participants for a artistic residency during the summer 2014.

The registration fee is € 25.00 for the first piece of work entered and € 15.00 for each subsequent work.

Extended deadline until 10th of February 2014, utilising the procedure outlined at

All registration feed must be paid in full no later than 20 January 2014.

All submissions will be subject to a phase of pre-selection by an Organising Committee.

Pre-selected works will be evaluated by an international jury based on criteria of sound research, quality, originality and compositional technique.

There is no specific theme but each work must necessarily fall into one of the four award categories of the 2014 edition.

The international jury members are:

Sound Art: Christina Kubisch (GER), Steve Roden (USA), Herman Kolgen (CAN)

Sonic Research: Felix Kubin (GER), David Grubbs (USA), Alain Mongeau (CAN)

Soundscapes: Alvin Curran (USA), Alessandro Bosetti (ITS), Barry Truax (CAN)

Digital Art: Atau Tanaka (JAP) Usman Hauque (GB)

All works will be evaluated by the jury under strict rules of anonymity. No ex-aequo prizes will be awarded.

The decision of the jury will be final and binding.

The jury is scheduled to select the four winning projects between March and April 2014.

Winners will be notified in May 2014.

Sonic Arts Award 2014
Rome – Italy