Deadline: 15 January 2015
Call for entries

İŞ-PORTA – A vending cart for the neighbourhood

İŞ-PORTA is a participatory project developed by Sinop Sustainable Development Association (Sinop/Turkey) and bi’bak (Berlin/ Germany) and is supported by TANDEM Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey-EU*. İŞ-PORTA will feature site-specific works, which function as vending carts in the neighbourhood and allow interactions within the local community. These vending carts or vehicles will vary in form and size and can be used for exhibitions, performances, artistic interventions or participatory projects. The content of the work should deal with the past, present and future of local producers, craftsmen and shop owners and their production processes.

The two bases of İŞ-PORTA, Sinop and Berlin, have very special socioeconomic and demographic structures, which is influenced by their geographical and historical backgrounds. Sinop, situated at the northernmost land’s end of Turkey, is home to the biggest port of Turkey’s Black Sea coast. It is a typical harbour city and its economy is based on sea-related activities, e.g fishing, shipbuilding or summer tourism. The young generation is mostly dissatisfied with the city’s current economic and cultural opportunities and therefore many of them choose to emigrate to big cities. The local traditions of craftsmanship, as well as the continued existence of local producers, are threatened with extinction. Berlin-Wedding is one of the most ethnically diverse districts of Germany’s capital city. In some parts of Wedding, 64% of the residents have a migrant background, most of them with Turkish origin. Wedding has always been a working class district and used to be known as “Red Wedding”. Today it is one of the poorest areas of Berlin, with a high unemployment rate at almost 26% with almost 17% of the district’s population solely relying on social welfare benefits. Barbers, tailors, shoemakers, bakeries or bicycle shops are still active in the area but all have difficulties to build a local business in face of competition from huge global franchises.

We would like to invite artists/designers/makers and creative collectives from Turkey and Germany to send in proposals for a vehicle which functions as a vending cart in the urban space and also triggers or involves the participation of local people. The proposed works should deal with issues of local economies as mentioned above and may feature exhibitory, performative or participatory functions and purposes and/or try to find a good balance between artistic forms and disciplines. We especially encourage works that make use of on-site research, oral history and archival material.

The İŞ-PORTA project will support the production of two vending carts/ vehicles, one in Sinop and another in Berlin. The first İŞ-PORTA vehicle will go on the road in Sinop during the first half of April 2016 and the second one in Berlin at the end of April 2016. Both projects will be documented with a “making of” video and a printed publication. The documentation of both projects, as well as the vehicles themselves, will be shown in an exhibition in bi’bak in Berlin, and once again within the scope of the 6th Sinopale – International Sinop Biennale in July 2016.

Applicants from Germany should be based in Berlin and propose their project ideas for a vehicle in Berlin. Applicants from Turkey can be based in another city of Turkey but they should apply with a project idea specifically designed for Sinop. There is no restriction of age, nationality or discipline. Travel and accommodation costs (and if necessary visa fees) of selected applicants will be covered. Production costs of up to 500€ for each vehicle will also be covered.

Please send your applications in English, German or Turkish until 15th January 2016 midnight by email to (for applications from Berlin) or to (for applications from Turkey). Applications should be compressed in a single .zip file (up to 5 MB), entitled with your name and title of the project (e.g. and include following documents:

• Application Form
Please download the application form here:
• Project Proposal
The proposals should fit in a single .pdf file and include the project description, assembly sketches with dimensions and chosen materials, technical requirements, estimated budget and a time plan regarding the phases of research and production.
• Biography/ CV of applicant(s)
Please include also artist statement, list of exhibitions, projects and/ or publications
• Portfolio
In your portfolio please focus on the projects in the last years and give priority to the projects that are relevant to your proposed project for İŞ-PORTA in form and/or content.

Selected applications will be notified by the 5th of February 2016.
Please contact us if you have any further questions or need more information:
For applications from Berlin:
For applications from Turkey:

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*İŞ-PORTA is a project initiated by Sinop Sustainable Development Association (Sinop/ TR) and bi’bak (Berlin/ DE). Curated by Mert Karacikay and Can Sungu. Kindly supported by European Cultural Association with the collaboration of Sinopale. Funded by TANDEM Turkey-EU Programme.

*TANDEM – Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey – EU is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul), and supported by Stiftung Mercator (Essen).