Deadline: 17 June 2016
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Sound, Space, Body – A Weekly Residential Module At Unidee – University Of Ideas

UNIDEE – University of Ideas is an educational programme investigating the relationship between art and the public sphere and combining theory with practice. Through a new programme based on a weekly research and project laboratory under the guidance of a mentor and the active participation of a guest, the residency modules developed for 2016 focus on three new macro topics wich are: research, gift and alteration. Full programme UNIDEE – University of Ideas 2016 available here.

11 Jul / 15 Jul, 2016
Sound, Space, Body
Mentor: Attila Faravelli, Enrico Malatesta
Guest: Nicola Ratti
Where: Cittadellarte, Biella
Deadline for applications: 17.06.2016

What kind of perception we have of sourrounding sounds? How aware are we of them? How sound, space and bodies relate between themselves?

The module revolves around sound and its modes of per- ception and production, with a focus on its fundamen tal relationship with body and space. It seeks to offer the par- ticipants a series of both conceptual and experiential tools for questioning opposites like action vs. perception (ac- tive performer vs. passive listener), intentional music vs. unintentional noise, through a series of very easy to use proto-instruments conceived as tools to enact the aural potentialities of a site.
The field recording sessions confront the soundscape of the environment in its rougher, unmediated form, inviting to seek for different kinds of organizational structures and forms, to listen to themselves while in the act of producing sound in a specific space and time, realizing an embodied awareness of the complex aural capacities of body and space.

Attila Faravelli and Enrico Malatesta are Italian sound artists and long-term collaborators. They first met in 2012 to compose and perform music for a contemporary dance play (Teatro Valdoca). This initiated a series of diverse c ol- laborations ranging from electro-acoustic music releases ( to research projects about the perception of a surfaces’ irregularities (auraltools.tumblr. com/bilia) and the use of an everyday-life-use object to produce sound ( In their col- laborative works they explore the relationships between sound, space and gesture. In 2013, together with Nicola Ratti, they founded “Tilde”, a collaborative project created with the aim to explore, through sound actions, the pos- sibilities of listening and practice of the space.
They have presented their work in festivals and leading art institutions and universities throughout Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea. Among the institutions with which they have collaborated: Brown University (US), Non Event (US), MoMA PS1 (US), AIR Krems (AT), Qo2 (BE), 12th International Biennial of Architecture in Venice.

Sound, space, body, research, aural awarene ss, par- ticipation, field recording, walking, ecological perception, affordances, experiential design, appropriation, media cultural history, traditional music, sonic unconscious, rhythm, idiophones, alteration.

Fees and support
570,00 € Including accomodation and half-board

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