Deadline: 7 September 2016
Call for entries

“Retail is pleased with the Christmas business”
Exhibition – Talks

11.11.2016 – 9.12.2016

Every year during the Christmas festive season we experience the perversion to celebrate higher revenues. Our society is oversaturated with things, has an ex- and hopp-problem, burdens the environment by consumption of unnecessary things and already sees christmas gifts as a problem.

What do artists say? Do they see alternatives? We invite interested artists to apply for participation in the exhibition.

Formats: Objects, photography, painting, graphics, video, sound, performance

Deadline: 7.9. for applications
Install: 8.11., 17-19:00
Opening: 11.11., 19:00
Artists’ talk: 25.11., 19:00
Lecture: 2.12., 19:00, N.N.
Finissage: 9.12., 19:00
Removal: 12.12., 17-19:00

Location: Projectspace of Group Global 3000
Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

Application: Please submit a brief description of your work related to the advertised topic and picture (incl. Format information such as length / width / height or required techn. Equipment) and short profile (CV, Vita)

Form of application: by E-Mail with max. 2MB to:

We are a free, self-organized project space. For production, technical equipment, transport and insurance (The space is insured) there is no budget.

Projectspace of Group Global 3000
Leuschnerdamm 19
10999 Berlin



Our mailing address is:
Group Global 3000
Leuschnerdamm 19
Berlin 10999