Deadline: 10 October 2016
Call for entries

23 – 27 november, 2016

is an encounter with three collectives that seek to address pressing questions and problems of our age. Taking in practices from the arts, politics, technology, economics and science, their inquiries and strategies circumvent disciplinary limits and constraints, bridge rifts and open up new spaces for thought and action.

IMPACT16 brings together 30 participants for a four-day exchange that includes a programme of public presentations by the edition’s guest contributors.

Led by Melanie Sehgal and Alex Martinis Roe, FORMATIONS is a transversal working group consisting of practition- ers from varying disciplines including the arts, philosophy, human geography, computational biology, yoga, urban design, cultural and literary studies, and political activism. The experimental set-up of the group aims at practical responses to the insuciency of modern categories of thought and their disciplinary and institutional sedimentations.

Founded as a web entity, RYBN.ORG is an extra-disciplinary artistic research plat- form which explores diverse fields such as economics, data mass analysis, perverted artificial intelligence, disrupting auto-learning, language and syntaxes, sensory perception and cognitive systems. Their projects look at codified systems in artistic representation as well as socio-politic and physical phenomena.

Comprised of former members of the Forsythe Company, the artist collective HOOD considers how contemporary art and performance can be utilized to reevaluate normative positions in the world or initiate new generative practices in art making, knowledge production or social and political action.


IMPACT16 is aimed at artists and advanced students, practitioners and theoreticians from the natural and social sciences, technology, architecture and urban planning, philosophy, political activism, as well as from the visual and performance arts.

Limited number of 30 participants. Selection is based on the quality of submitted applications (CV, letter of motivation and, where applicable, work samples).
The working language is English.

For the first time, this symposium ist free of charge! Selected applicants receive as well:
— Full accreditation for the symposium and public programme
— International travel costs
— Local hotel accommodation
— Full catering

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