Deadline: 18 March 2018
Call for entries

2017 Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan

Established as a non-profit organization in 1993, Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan (WMWFF) has been one of the major film festivals in Taiwan and has established itself as the biggest one dedicated to supporting female talents. WMWFF aims to celebrate the achievements of outstanding female talents, to explore different aspects of women’s lives as well as to promote equality and rights of all genders. By covering a wide range of genres, issues, and representations of women, WMWFF seeks to promote great cinematic arts by female directors and to advocate gender equality through films with feminist consciousness and various subjects.

Festival Time & Location

The 24th Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan, presented by the Taiwan Women’s Film Association (TWFA), will be held in Taiwan in mid-October, 2017.

General Entry Requirement

Deadline for Entry:
March 18, 2017 for all international film submissions completed after March 18, 2015

No Entry fees required

We consider creative films of any length, and OPEN to all kinds of subjects.
Anything related to LGBTQI communities, women issues and ideologies such as feminism and post-feminism, and current events around the world that reflects the status quo of women. We also encourage SEXY, cutting-edge, thought-provoking and daring films that are innovative in cinematic styles and forms, that explore the aesthetic possibilities of the cinematic forms, and that continue challenging our knowledge and thoughts on various aspects from and about the perspective of women.

Submission is OPEN to feature films, short films, documentaries, animations, experimental films and etc.

Films addressed to the following issues are preferred and highly welcomed.
1. Queer films
We eager for the best and most diverse work by, about and of interest to the LGBTQ community, as to secure a platform for LGBTQ films made by women directors.
2. New wave cinema
Featuring works of new female directors, especially the first or the second feature by the future-leading directors.
3. Gender and Caretaking
Issue-oriented films that have strong focus on the relationship between gender and caretaking, addressing issues like long term medical care and/ or women medication. Parental care is excluded here.
4. Films by indigenous director
WMWFF encourages film submission from indigenous female directors, as to deepen the understanding of the indigenous culture/issues worldwide and help nurture the indigenous film circle.

The films submitted need to be directed at least by One FEMALE Director.

The films submitted must be Taiwan Premiere.

The films submitted must have been completed after March 18, 2015.

Entrants must submit completed work. Works-in-progress are not accepted.

For submission, the submitted films should be presented with English dialogue or in their original versions with English subtitles. We advise you to also subtitle films if they are spoken in English which is hard to grasp for non-native speakers, i.e. an accent or slang.

Films that have been submitted for consideration in previous years are not eligible.

This is the entry call for international film submission, Taiwan film submission will be announced in separate time.

How to Submit Your Film

Please fill out entry form here and email the following materials to:

1. Online screener with secured password or high-res digital file are highly preferred. WMWFF also accepts Two DVD screeners (in NTSC Format) by post / courier
2. Completed dialogue lists in original language AND English
3. Synopsis of the film in English, in both short (50 words) and long (150 words) versions
4. Full casts and credits list
5.Director’s biography (under 100 words) AND filmography
6. Director’s statement, if available
7. 3 different stills from the film (at least 300 dpi High Resolution)
8. A photo of the director (at least 300 dpi High Resolution)
9. Film reviews, if available
10. Trailer or clips if available
11. Press kits if available

Or, the entrants can also click to submit via Filmfreeway. Please make sure to have online screener available and include as many information as possible.

Your entry will only be accepted if WMWFF receive both online entry form and screeners on time. Other information is highly recommended to provide when submitting your film or should be provided as soon as your film is selected. If your submission is successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which you can print for your records. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

Selection Procedure, Authorization and Important Notice

Selection Procedure
The festival’s program committees select the films that will participate in all program sections. When a film is selected, the festival will notify the applicant by email no later than on June 30, 2017. We do not guarantee notification for entries that are not accepted for the Festival.

After selection of a documentary, the festival has the right to:

1. Use a maximum of 10% of video from the documentary for festival trailer, publicity and online purposes.
2. Use the trailer for publicity and online purposes.
3. Use publicity material to promote the festival and our program line-up.
4. Reserve the right to keep all the screeners and / or high res video files of the selected films in festival archive for non-circulating use.
5. Produce and keep Chinese subtitled screening copies of all media in festival archive for non-circulating use , excluding any loan or public usage. Any kind of public presentation without further notification is strictly prohibited.
6. Program the film free of charge for Press Screening and Educational Programs.

Important Notice
1. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure clearance from the copyright holders of any copyrighted materials included within the submitted film. WMWFF will not be held responsible for the unauthorized inclusion of any copyrighted materials within or relating to the submitted film.
2.If the films are selected, all of the requested materials as above mentioned should be sent as soon as possible in order to assist the compilation of the Festival Catalogue. Please also note that all the submitted materials will not be returned.
3. WMWFF won’t cover any shipping costs during the submission stage. For films selected for our festival, we will cover the print’s shipping costs (custom tax included) to and from the original print source only. Please note that WMWFF will NOT be responsible for any shipping costs (custom tax included) for the next destination.
4.The selected films will be screened 1~3 times in their original versions with approved format for festival screenings during the 24th Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan. Please be noted that WMWFF will NOT provide screening fees for submitted films.
5. By submitting a Film to WMWFF, the submitter represents that he or she has obtained consent from any and all owners, creators, writers, producers and/or other authorized representatives of the film whose consent is required to submit the Film to WMWFF and screen the Film at the Festival, and has read, understood and agreed to the Terms.

Address and Contact Information

Mailing Address
Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan
3F, No.16, Lane 10, Singcheng St.
Datong District, Taipei City 10353
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

T: +886-2-2557-8631 F: +886-2-2552-9728

Questions concerning regulations and/or entry forms should be directed to Huei-yin Chen (