Deadline: 3 March 2017
Call for entries

Topophilia Exhibition

Topophilia is a group exhibition that addresses different aspects of domestic life from different parts of the world through video and installation. Topophilia will take place in the Nørager Farmhouse in Nees, Denmark, as part of the MEETINGS Festival in September 2017.

Nøragervej 38 is a large farmhouse in Nees, Denmark, a small agricultural village in Western Jutland. The farm was first documented in 1536, and the existing house was built in 1852. Currently abandoned, the house has 10 rooms that will serve as exhibition sites for 10 artists to exhibit videos and/or install works.

Topophilia explores a sense of place, which is intertwined with cultural identity. The Nørager Farmhouse, a geometric structure firmly situated in place and cultural context, will house videos and installations that intervene in the pastoral landscape by looking outward into the spaces of intimate interiors from distant places. The exhibition will conf ront expectations of domestic spaces that are geographically and culturally different from the structure in which they are contained.

Artists working with film, video, moving image, animation, installation, or new media are encouraged to submit works that can disrupt the rigid geometry of the farmhouse and disorient the dichotomy of “here” and “there.” Some topics may include: Social, political and emotional dynamics in the home; Interpretations of the domestic, especially in relation to the home; Personal as political; Internal and external structures; Inside/outside or here/there dichotomies.

Exhibition Dates: September 1st –September 10th, 2017

Mediums: film, video, moving image, animation, installation, or new media, VR, AR
Curated by Amanda KM & Eto Otitigbe
Email: topophilia.exhibition(at)