Deadline: 15 May 2017
Call for entries

DIGITAL RESIDENCIES call #1 – June 2017

call #1 – June 2017

The first call addresses the first two categories of warehouse: [home] and [entropy]. Each proposal must respond to one of the two categories:


Tepping1337: RIP HOME!!!
Tinki Winky: :O
Tepping1337: It was fun!!!!
Jasmin : one minute
Window_Viper: I love u a all…. :< The final 60 seconds of playstation home before sony unplugged their virtual wonderland. There is no plug. You cannot but return. Home urges to explore so-called “roots”, to investigate what it is that structures. Home is an attempt to recover a place mental and real, in which past and futures collide. There is no RIP. Home is where the heart is. Home is where it hurts. [entropy] Imagine a cup of coffee. You put sugar in it. You mix it with a spoon – either slow or fast. The coffee gets sweet. However, what if you put too much sugar into the cup? It is too late. Two substances have become one. This is the uniform direction, the ‘arrow pointed through time,’ entropy is based on: The irreversible deterioration of energy in every system resulting in a state of non differentiation within matter. If you mix long enough everything will become this sweet brownish indiscernible liquid – everything will deteriorate into chaos. However, as much as too much sugar may turn to bitterness it is entropy that implies both the dissolution of necessity and the beginning of the end – and maybe even a new beginning. Timeline Application period: 19.04. – 14.05.2017 Jury selection: 15.05. – 17.05.2017 Digital Residency: 01.06. – 30.06.2017 (4 weeks)