Deadline: 15 September 2018
Call for entries

“I must confess”

LIV_ID collective invites video work of any type exploring the theme of confession in 30 seconds or less. Selected works will be screened during the Bangkok Underground Film Festival via an interactive installation exhibited on users’ mobile devices/screens.

From whispered secrets to crazed proclamations, confessions reveal what was once concealed. Relying on only a confessant, recipient and one’s will to take part, the protected is unhinged into the spotlight and received with reactions ranging from from uproar to a petty disregard. What are you ready to share?

Confess your love
Confess your sins
Confess your desires
Confess your faults
Confess your dreams
Confess your beliefs
Confess your talents
Confess the mundane
Confess the serious
Confess the great
Confess with sincerity
Confess with hilarity
Confess for relief
Confess for atonement
Confess for fun
Confess for benefit
Confess unfettered


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