Deadline: 10 June 2019
Call for entries

Mail art call

Few weeks ago the European Parliament approved the Copyright Directive, a law that impose taxes on content diffusion and set upload filters upfront, opposing thus the natural and free sharing of knowledge.
This is not about ethics or morality: the old lobbyies have found a way to steal from the new social media ones’ leftovers, we ain’t gonna take sides on this longbeard-nobeardatall ancap fight.
If this becomes real, we’ll have paytoshare networks(link tax, art.11) and someone or somewhat will judge if your uploads matchtheir “common sense” pubblishing criteria (upload filter, art.13).
Internet freedom is at stake!
While we all face those risks there are many that, selfoutcast from mainstream communities, share and edit their way on the solid and the aethereal ones .
To the decadentism of whom’s filtering and setting knowledge, we oppose a fluxus that is unstoppable, untaxed, unfiltered and uncensored. They just can’t controll everything.
Copycats, collage artists, mashuppers, fakes and plagiarism virtuosos of all countries, unite! Let’s celebrate the fusion of contents and the freedom of speech.

Format: totally free. All kind of culture jamming, collage, patchwork, détournement, ready-made, recycle, anonymous or collective work will be fine.

Any sexist, racist, oppressive content will be destructurated.

Deadline: June 10th 2019

Expo @ Improprio Festival, Turin (North-east Italy), June 29th

Catalogue ebook Will be distributed online and offline (private, peer-to-peer, pirate box, dead drops.. )

Send to: IMPROPRIO c/o Balice, via Alpignano 12/A, 10040 Givoletto ITALIA