Deadline: 25 August 2019
Call for entries

MIRA FORUM Gallery and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation propose an artistic residence for three months in Porto. The two entities consider contemporary creation a groundwork for the plural development of citizenship. MIRA FORUM is a gallery basically related to photography, founded in 2013 by Manuela Matos Monteiro and João Lafuente. Hundreds of artists have presented their work at around 80 exhibitions, 55 talks, 53 book launches, 43 concerts, 3 travel talks, 18 workshops, 30 photo walks, 7 international photography contests and dozens of art residencies. Artistic residences are also important in MIRA’s intervention and are focused on research, artistic production and cultural sharing. The projects are developed through the provision of creation, research and residential space.

Program goals
⦁ Encourage artistic creation based on the place;
⦁ Stimulate the conception and creation of artistic projects with a public presentation;
⦁ Encourage a better dialogue between national and international artists;
⦁ Open processes of creation and production with a wider variety of public;
⦁ Internationalize MIRA FORUM Gallery, establishing it as a space of reference in the artistic production and promotion;
⦁ Strengthen partnerships between different cultural structures;
⦁ Insert the present residence in an international network of artistic residences;
⦁ Promote Porto as cultural destiny;

July 8th | open call international launch
August 25th | end of the open call
August 25th to September 15th | proposals assessment
September 18th | disclosure of results
October‐December | artist‐in‐residency
Public presentation


For more information and to submit the application, it is necessary to consult the terms and conditions in the related links.