Deadline: 31 August 2015
Call for entries

VideoBabel – International Audiovisual Festival
Cusco/Peru – November 2015


There is a Latin American competition and an international out of competition.

-We only accept single-channel videos.
-The competing videos need not be previously unseen. However, no work which has won a prize or has participated in an official selection of other festivals will be accepted.
-Maximum length (including credits): 15 minutes.
-Languages: Videos with spoken text in a language other than Spanish or English must be subtitled in either of those two languages (preferably in both).
-Reproduction and distribution rights: By submitting their videos to the festival, the authors automatically agree to the festival’s right to reproduce, distribute and screen said material, which will be subject to the rules of Creative Commons (mode: Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 2.5:
-Authorship: The Festival cannot be held responsible for any conflict arising from disputes regarding the authorship of the videos submitted. The prize will be awarded to the person named on the registration form as the individual responsible for the project, or to another participant of the project unanimously assigned by the production group.
-Pseudonyms: The name of the author of the video (or individual responsible) may be replaced by a pseudonym on the entry form, should the contestant so wish.
-Videos may be presented with the highest quality and lowest compression possible via internet. The participating video must be available for online preview on YouTube, Vimeo, Festhome, Movibeta or other video server. If you prefer to restrict access to your video, protect it with a password and send us the password together with the link.
-Participants must send the completed registration form, including the online link to their video, as an attachment to the following e-mail address: If an artist wishes to submit more than one video, one registration form for each work should be completed. The registration form is available in Word 97 format here.
-The authors of the selected videos (winners, official selection and special selections) will be asked to send, via internet and within a week of selection, a copy of their work in standard format *.mov or *.mp4 with the highest quality and lowest compression possible, a maximum size of 2 GB, frame height not less than 720 px. Authors will receive detailed instructions regarding the method for sending their work. The sending of work selected via the Internet will be free to the authors.

Call for entries