Call for entries
Deadline 14 August 2015


neverhitsend is a Los Angeles-based collective that performatively researches communications ideology, with a particular focus on issues involving collective authorship, privacy, and anonymity. We are currently seeking applicants interested in making an online project using our newly created Internet-based platform called Toggle. Toggle is a browser plugin that creates a metapage on top of any existing web page. The plugin interface allows users to upload content in the form of text, hyperlinks, and images. To use graffiti terminology: you can, like, tag any website.

neverhitsend created Toggle to explore the constitutive elements of Internet-based communication. We’re looking for proposals that use the Toggle platform in a compelling way and contribute to the ongoing international conversation about the social, political, and personal effects of established struct ures of Internet communication. Toggle can play a primary or complementary role in your proposed project; it can be a tool for person-to-person communication, a space of digital performance, an essay-like mapping of your personal research, a platform for activism or critique, or anything else you want it to be. We strongly encourage group proposals!

As a Toggle Fellow, you will be given access to the Toggle plugin, technical and creative support for your project, and an honorarium of $100 USD. At first, Toggle will only be available to Fellows and neverhitsend to upload, view, and edit content. Toggle will be publicly released and presented by neverhitsend at the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art from August 14–18, 2015 in Vancouver, BC.

To apply, please send a PDF (25 MB or less) to that includes:

1) A b rief (500 word or less) proposal for how you would use Toggle that includes a rough project timeline.

2) A briefer (one paragraph) artist/collective statement.

3) Any images you would like to share with us.

If you have any questions regarding the Toggle Open Call, please email

The Internet | 221a | 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art
221 E Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z6