Deadline: 10 April 2020
Call for entries

Pragovka for Art
announces an open call for the exhibition projects submissions in the Pragovka Gallery for the year 2021.

Pragovka for Art, z.s. was established as an assiociation at the end of 2017 and has been continued with the activities of an informal group of artists operating in the premises of the First Republic factory since 2010. In this context, the association’s activities continue to work on transforming Pragovka into an alternative cultural centre for art by providing the exhibition program and supporting other events for the public (summer cinema, workshops, etc.).

Today, Pragovka is a vibrant multicultural centre and an artistic district that provides an inspiring environment for collaboration and space for a fruitful exchange of ideas between different art groups.
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The call:

For 2021, within the „Silent power of Uncool Being“‎ theme, we have decided to offer a helping hand to communities that are paving their own and unique way of art and conceptual thinking within their (geographical) activities. We are aiming on hopeless dreamers (who are determined to deal with current environmental crisis within their artworks).

We embrace projects offering even utopian solutions, criticism of current social situation or institutional criticism.

We embrace projects portraying the essence of being as one of the possible solutions.

We embrace projects offering solutions not mentioned here.

We embrace projects purposely working with the concept of art community, purposely focusing on use of materials that have become a waste of society or on usage of materials in an especially gentle way.

We call on artists to re-evaluate their current bases, principles and creation so that art is not just another environmental burden for the contemporary world. We call on artists to try to work with the social and geographical context of their place or gallery itself.

We believe that the lower streams of fine art can be the most interesting ones, so we call on artists and curators to find the essence of fine art and to revise their reasons to create it.

We prioritize projects with the emphasis on environmental focus, communication between the group members and comprehensive presentation of the way-outs and results towards the viewer as well as attempts to solve current climate crisis, no matter how activist or utopian they may sound.

Groups and individuals within curatorial and authorial projects may apply. It is possible to send also single works to be potentially included in bigger curatorial projects.

Expect the projects marked as “work in progress” to be assigned to a curator who may be assigned even to authorial projects by decision of the committee.

You can still apply with projects for a specific gallery space, with respect to the thematic division of individual galleries:

1. Entry – 147 m² – exhibition space focused mainly on conceptual solo or small collective’s projects. It is suitable for projects reflecting (directly) the space.

2. Pop-Up – 98 m² – this space is suitable for presenting classic media such as painting and sculpture, projects working with overlaps into the field of design and traditional discipline fine art

3. Rear – 462 m² – Well elaborated, thematically highly developed curated projects, collective exhibitions and projects working with the gallery space. Suitable for larger projects, not just concerning the proportions of thé gallery but also reach and quality of the project.

4. Work in progress. You may also apply with single artworks or “work in progress” – these projects and works are, by our gallery team, offered to further curatorial processing.

Furthermore, you can apply with your own project, outside the „Tichá síla Uncool Being / Silent power Uncool Being“ theme.

Open call application must contain:

– application form
– image documentation and visualization of the project
– artist’s / artists’ portfolio and CV – all in one file
– curator’s / curators’ portfolio and CV – all in one file
– detailed description of the project
– estimated budget and eventually stating other financial coverage resources (part of application form)

Name individual files as opencall2021_Applicant Name, portfolio_ Applicant Name…
All files must not exceed 10 MB in total.
In case of not complying with the requirements mentioned, the application will not be included in the selection.

Deadline for applications 10. 4. 2020 (11.59 p.m.).

Send the applications with all required appendices via email or post on address: Pragovka Gallery, Kolbenova 923/34, 190 00 Praha 9
Send email applications in one mail with subject: Open call 2021 1. kolo.

We do not respond to individual requests. Sent materials will not be returned.

The results will be published at and our FB page on 30.4.2020 latest. Successful Open call applicants will be informed via email. The gallery does not undertake to respond to unsuccessful Open call applicants. The gallery reserves the right to archive the projects. Applications from solo project of Pragovka residents will not be accepted for the Pragovka Gallery Entry and Pop-Up space. A resident can participate only as a member of bigger group of non-residents or as a curator of non-resident group. By submitting your application, you give your consent for data processing.