Deadline: 10 June 2020
Call for entries

The Monsignor Sante Montanaro Foundation (Italy)
presents the second edition of the national Award Don Sante for contemporary art aimed at the promotion and the enhancement of art in our territory, in remembrance of Don Sante, one of the most distinguished citizens of Casamassima, not only a historian but also an art, music and literature enthusiast. He was called, for several years, to service of the Vatican, in order to carry on his cultural and artistic promotional work in his home country.
The contest includes a monetary award, a special award and an exhibition, that will be launched on the 8th of September 2020, counting all the finalists selected by our judges. The launching date is not accidental, in fact it commemorates the date of birth of Monsignor Sante Montanaro, 8th of September 1916.
The exhibition will take place where the Foundation has its office, Palazzo Monacelle, Casamassima (Ba), Italy.

The theme of this contest, From Light to Colour, seeking a ray of Beauty, partially derives, just like the first edition of the Award, from one of Don Sante Montanaro statements “Art looks for a ray of beauty everywhere.”

Registration is totally free.

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Premio don Sante per l’arte contemporanea
della Fondazione Mons. Sante Montanaro
Palazzo Monacelle | Via Roma | Casamassima 70010