Deadline: 26 April 20120
Call for entries

Reclaim Award
Dates and location: The winners will exhibit their works in the form of 18/1 posters on billboards rented in Cologne, for the duration of ten days. Where ususally detergents and cards find large places to shine, your art could be shown in Cologne from June 16 to 26, 2020.

The Reclaim Kollektiv announces a call for artists for the Reclaim Award 2020. Ads out, art in! Reclaim your place in public space. Billboards become cultural conceptual surfaces, artistic canvases, or photographic landscapes. The city as public museum. Reclaim replaces advertising on large surfaces with your art. With the award, make a contribution towards culturally enhancing the public space. Make Cologne’s urban profile more attractive. Display billboards that stimulate, illustrate diversity and difference, and open up conceptual spaces. Easily perceivable, public, and for everyone!

This year, the Reclaim Kollektiv holds the second Reclaim Award in Cologne. For the debut in 2019, 551 artists from 29 countries applied to redesign 25 billboards in urban areas of Cologne. Since this went beyond any intended scope, we are happy to be able to increase the number to 40 large-scale billboards in 2020.

Reclaim grows. A plus of 15 surfaces means: even more radiance for the artpieces, even more visibility for the artists. The stage is ready.

Curated by a renommated jury of galerists, artists and art historians, the Reclaim Award 2020 takes place in Cologne from June, 16 to 26. For an audience, undisguised, diverse and unprepared.

Entry fee: 1 entry: 25€ / 2 entries: 40€ / 3 entries: 50€.