Deadline: 6 May 2020
Call for entries

Feed My Quarantein: Still, Web-Zine

Hello! We hope you had a profound Lenten experience these past 40 days.
We are releasing Volume II of our digital publication Feed My Quarantein on Sunday, May 9th. We hope to include a sample of your art.
We absolutely need your submissions by Wed. May 6th, 2020

Feed My Quarantein: Still will be the second volume of a web-based scroll that tells the story of we, the human race, shedding the toxins of physical interaction and accepting this period of societal fasting. This is open to interpretation, but here are some themes which we think would be ripe for exploration:

The Warp of Time
Social Distance Chic
When I Drink Alone, I Prefer to Be by Myself
Home Gym
Nature’s Resurgence
Riot for Retail
Breaking Quarantine

We are requesting still or animated images in this format
JPG, PNG, or GIF images under 2mb
max width 1500 px, 72 dpi
Text / Prose under 50 words
title/number the images for ex. Firstname_lastname_01.jpg
List how you would like to be credited / your website or IG that you would like us to link to

You can submit 1-3 images or texts. PNGs or GIFs with transparent backgrounds would be ideal. We may alter the submissions to fit the format, but we will do our best to preserve the integrity of your original vision.

Please send your submissions to

Curated by: Dave Greber and Mitchell Craft