Deadline: 31 August 2020
Call for entries

Digital 3D Objects

Sacrebleu LLC is a consulting Art agency based in New York city, working in North America and Europe. In the near future, we are launching a new mobile application promoting Arts/Artists/Culture/Technology.

We are on the final stage to launch a new mobile app with Augmented-Reality, based on geolocation and promoting artists (any kind!) and creative brands. We are currently consolidating our in-app library, and wish for opening it to more artists! Therefore we are currently looking for creative 3D objects (preferably animated). These digital artworks will be used both in the AR chat and in the geolocation features – users will be able to admire to art in Augmented Reality when close to the given pin point.

We are encouraging fresh thinking and innovators, old school designer and ok boomers, your dad and your nephew just graduated to middle school… to try to win $400.
So, if you think that you can craft a 3D object sprinkled with creativity and a touch of boldness, apply right away. Let your creativity flow give you some rewards!

All interested professional or amateur artists, graphic designers, illustrators, architects or anyone able to build a digital object on 3D, are eligible to submit work and could be selected.
– Technical requirements: Low-poly 3D objects – Any format accepted, but the format MUST be readable by Blender 2.82 (used in our internal pipeline to then convert the file in .obj or .fbx).”

Online entry form and info

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New York City, NY, 10029.