Deadline: 1 December 2020
Call for entries

The Incurable Caravan’s Online Car Show
Online only, to be published by May 2020
Entry fee: No


The Incurable Caravan’s Online Car Show is an indefinite online exhibit. All works accepted should expect to be a single element on a larger, scrolling page. The online aspect of the exhibition is deliberate.

The Car Show seeks to intersect traditional, popular, experimental, and outsider styles with an enthusiasm towards all approaches to art-making. We welcome all interpretations of media and automotive transportation.

Works submitted should include, allude to, or represent some elements of a car (doors, windows, wheels, engines, memories, etc.), but how you choose to present these elements is up to you. Not all internal spaces with windows are cars, and not all cars have doors. Your car can be literal, abstract, heartfelt, playful, technical, emotional, or all of the above, to any degree of detail.

Any media capable of existing online is encouraged, especially media that are normally challenging to program or format in other contexts. This includes:

literary: poetry, short prose (< 500 words), haiku, interviews, interactive fiction static visual: all traditional visual media: drawing, painting, photography, graphic/product design. For sculpture, 3D photoscans or multiple photos are acceptable. moving visual: short film (< 3m), silent animations (gif/mp4), filmed choreography 3D: any 3D model or scene below 50k polygons audio: short pieces or songs (< 3m, loopable or not), interactive web audio, original sound design haikus (< 10s) multimedia: any combination of the above web: any self-contained webapps, games, data viz, generative art, net art, or CSS/SVG/Canvas animations, size restrictions TBD Proposals for categories not included in this list and works-in-progress are allowed, as long as evidence of progress can be demonstrated on submission. Older works are also allowed, as long as they relate to a car in some form. For more information, view the full call