Deadlione: 30 November 2020
Call for entries

The Right to a Future: Fighting Climate Change Music Video

Dates & location of event context:
March 2021 on VEVO YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music, Vimeo and Tidal

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Call for Videos: The Right to a Future: Fighting Climate Change Music Video

Sea levels are rising! Ice sheets are melting faster than ever! There are too many greenhouse gases! The Earth is on fire! Global temperatures are increasing rapidly! Weather patterns are out of control! Forests are being destructed! Animals are dying! People are dying!

What does the future hold? What will life be like for our young people, our communities and future generations? Will there even be a future? And if so, what kind of future will it be?

The year 2020 saw continued tremendous change with youth activists, school pupils and communities coming together across the planet to protest against the lack of climate leadership from world leaders and to underscore the sense of urgency of the severe climate crisis we are facing.

And this youth movement must continue in 2021 and beyond to keep pressure on all world leaders that can help reverse the detrimental effects of climate change.

New York City and Berlin-based record label BB3 Dynamics Records ( is going to create an educational music video called “The Right to a Future” to the accompanying music written by Berlin-based composer Bates Belk ( which is aimed at helping raise awareness and educating current and future generations about the importance of protecting the Earth’s environment now and in the future. To help us create “The Right to a Future” music video, we are asking people of all ages and languages from across the planet to send us their own videos of anything that they have filmed and recorded that shows their contribution and views on the importance of helping protect the Earth’s environment. Examples of videos that can be sent for this music video to help educate and raise awareness can be filmed recordings from people in countries all over the world of:

–powerful and emotional images filmed by you from climate strike protests
–active destruction images filmed by you of human beings destroying forests and oceans
–Factories emitting chemicals, smoke, toxic waste in the air and on the ground
–people enjoying parks, gardens, forests, mountains, beaches, lakes, oceans, deserts, farms, their own backyards
–people coming together to help save plants, land and animals from human destruction
–anything you have personally experienced and filmed wherever you are in the world that you feel demonstrates your part in climate protection no matter how big or small
–abstract and realistic visual art (photography, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, drawings etc.) created by you that reflects your climate protection vision and message

There is no right or wrong video to enter for this. It is your viewpoint wherever you are on the planet with whatever you have recorded and filmed. It is your experience and we want to share your unique experience, creativity views and visions in the music video that will then be distributed globally. You can be as creative and “out-of-the-box” as you want! We want you to! Do not hold back! Go for it!

Videos that get selected will then be edited together in Berlin, Germany to the song “The Right to a Future” written specifically for this project by composer Bates Belk that you can hear here ( with the goal of raising awareness and educating current and future generations about the importance of protecting the Earth’s environment. You have a message and we want to share your message! We want you to be part of this!

The final music video in early 2021 will then be:

–globally distributed via VEVO YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music, Vimeo and Tidal with much coverage in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia
–have specific distribution in Africa and South America
–sent to classrooms and educational facilities in countries and communities across the planet for inclusion in future environmental protection lessons for our youth

***Conditions of Submission of Your Video***
–Deadline for submission is 30 November 2020.

–There is NO entry fee.

–Videos can be any length you so choose…however just know that we will be editing many videos down to fit a short timeline for a cohesive storyline with the accompanying Bates Belk music. So, any video filmed by you between .10 seconds and 2 or 3 minutes should be fine. Again, any video that gets sent in will be edited down to fit the music and other videos sent in.

–If your video is selected, you will have your name in the “credits” section at the end of the video.

–There is a “Video Release Form” that you need to fill out and sign here. This is to ensure that BB3 Dynamics Records has the formal approval by you to use your video in “The Right to a Future” music video, but please note that you still own your video and that you may still use your video you have recorded and sent to BB3 Dynamics Records for other projects you so choose. The video you send in is a “non-exclusive” right and you still own your video.

–We will let you know in December 2020 if your video has been selected and will share the final edited music video with you in early 2021.

–Send (1) your video and (2) the filled out and signed “Video Release Form” to

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