Deadline: 15 March 2021
Call for entries

VRHAM! – Real In
Virtual Reality Festival Hamburg
4-12 June 2021

REAL-IN is an alliance made of

2 major EU festivals: La Manufacture/performing arts in Avignon, VRHAM!/Visual arts and Interactive design in Hamburg; 2 innovative cultural institutions in 2 major European cities and world ranked events in creative industries: MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan and Espronceda, Institute of Art and Culture, in Barcelona), and an award-winning production company, Dark Euphoria, located in Marseille, specialised in new media and digital artistic experiences.

Start of the residency
End of April / Beginning of May 2021

2 days in the course of VRHAM! Festival (4 – 12 June 2021) in Hamburg/Germany

We are now looking for creators and artists working in the field of Interactive Arts who want to (further) develop their already existing artistic project (or a work in progress) by exploring the possibilities that lie in the innovation of 3D-scanning technologies. We want to encourage groundbreaking, forward-thinking implementations of this technology and participative interaction into your artistic work. We want to support visionary approaches in digital storytelling and see your project evolve by adding an additional layer of participation and collective accessibility. The final project aim is to showcase the results of the residency within the framework of a conference for relevant experts and industry stakeholders during VRHAM! festival in Hamburg (4-12 June 2021), to present the final project state to the public as well as to engage in a fruitful exchange with experts in the field.

The calls are open to creatives and artistic teams with an interavtive arts project (in development or finalized) into which they would like to implement a collective and interactive dimension.

I.Individual artists or teams of individual artists
You can come from any country of the Member States of the European Union, their Overseas Countries and Territories or the UK.

II. Artistic and creative organisations
You must be legally registered as a legal entity (SME, non-profit organisation). You must be established and work in one of the Member States of the European Union, their Overseas Countries and Territories or the UK.

You must submit your application in English via our application form to present your project.

1 week of residency in Marseille (FR) provided by Dark Euphoria with 2 technical directors experts in creating digital and interactive experiences, to develop sketches and prototypes during the residency.
Remote follow-up and technical support for your project (2-6 months following the residency)
Production and prototyping costs (up to €10,000)
Showcase in major EU events related to creative industries
Networking and peer-learning
Communication and promotion
Mentoring by renown experts in the field