Deadline: 15 April 2021
Call for entries

Social Art Award 2021 “New Greening”
Open Call for Artists

Berlin, February 15th, 2021. The world-wide crisis offers a unique opportunity to discuss our understanding of wellbeing – of both humans and all other species on our planet. We believe that humanity can solve complex global problems faced today with openness, inclusiveness, and interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve living in the “New Greening“ world.

The Social Art Award 2021 “New Greening”, launched by the Institute for Art and Innovation, recognizes visionary works from artists (co-)creating positive futures, communicating compelling ideas, concepts, narratives, practices and visions of coexistence. Applications are welcome that focus on this year’s theme “New Greening” providing hopeful prospects towards climate change, resource saving, environmental protection, ecosystem recovery, water conservation, biodiversity, resilient cities etc. as the UN-decade on Ecosystem Restoration has just begun.

We believe through art, intangible parts of the joint conversation can be showcased, mutual ideas can be supported, and we gain a holistic view of intentions to share. With this year’s Social Art Award we want to serve as an inspiring anchor for future conversations, envisioning an open-minded, regenerative world and sculpting a demanding, truthful commitment to it.

What does art have to say in these urgent times of transformation? How do social artists empower, cherish, and support the transition towards sustainable, green societies that are working on achieving the UN-SDGs? Does art have the power to catalyze change, initiate transformation and enable positive futures? Where does art take place? What forms of art are created? Where do we stand together, get inspired and empowered, and appreciate the freedom of art and the spirit of humanity? How can art contribute and embolden the understanding of the “New Greening” on all societal levels?

Social Art is any artistic expression that aims to create social impact and change. This definition delineates the intention of the artist as crucial. Art engages in questioning and rethinking existing systems and paradigms. Artists are visionaries, utopists, agents for change, with the ability to affect society by creating emotionally captivating experiences. It is aesthetic revolution that preludes societal revolution.

The goal of the Social Art Award is to invigorate the rise of social art. We need more people to create impact and inspire change. Even if this approach dissents from the widely claimed autonomy of art. The award explores and clusters the field, and seeks to raise attention for social art. Furthermore, the award aims at strengthening the recognition of social artists and the value of their work. Thus, promoting the importance of social art for society and its action-oriented participatory projects.

All artists and cultural actors are invited to apply with work they consider relevant to the field of social art. There are no restrictions based on gender, age, training or nationality.

Application deadline: 15 April 2021

Application form:

Criteria for the selection process

Impactful contribution to the topic of “New Greening” catalyzing transformations towards green, regenerative societies
Collaborations with innovators, architects, urban designers, ecologists, technologists and changemakers – it’s not a must, but an advantage
Participatory practices

Prizes and Awards

The winner receives 1.000 Euro in prize money. We are collecting donations to enable a higher prize money and special prizes.
Three selected winners for the exhibition will present their artwork in Berlin, Germany in Summer 2021.
The Top 50 submissions will receive additional exposure through a touring exhibition raising awareness for green societies.
The 10 shortlisted artists + 2 wildcards winners will receive professional feedback by our jury.
The Top 50 artists of the preselection will be featured in the official published book for 2021.
For more details about the Social Art Award please visit our website:


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