extended deadline: 01 Oktober 2021
Call for entries

Punto y Raya
is proud to announce the launch of the third PyR JUNIOR CALL for entries addressed to children aged under 13 years old.

We invite our youngest artists to create Abstract (non-representational) short films exploring the beauty and creative possibilities of Form, Colour, Motion and Sound in their purest state. No representation: only Dots & Lines! The festival’s mission is to recapture the spirit of Cinéma Pure and Absolute Film formulated by the European avant-garde in the 1920s, consolidating this unique art form at the intersection of Fine Arts and Media.

The deadline is September 13th, 2021. Submissions are free and must be entered by a responsible adult through our website.

If you are an educator or parent and would like your children to participate, we encourage you to carry out activities to produce short films together. We have devised a few GUIDELINES for animation and video Workshops, in case you need some tips. And in our PyRTVJUNIOR platform you will also find hundreds of films created by children as well as professionals using the most diverse techniques.

If possible, we kindly invite you to register the work process on video and attach it to your submission. We will edit this material as part of the “Making of” of the Festival, seeking to bring the creative process closer to the participants and inspire people around the world to join the project. As an example, follow the link below to view The Making Of PyR JUNIOR 2019.

Participation rules