Deadline: 15 March 2022
Call for entries

OPEN CALL for the 2022 International Artists Studio residency program in Taoxichuan, Jingdezhen

The Taoxichuan Jingdezhen International Studio is located in the porcelain capital of the world – Jingdezhen.
The city has been the site for the royal kilns during virtually all the Chinese dynasties.
Building on the rich traditions of our local ceramic crafts, the International Studio organizes art and culture exchange projects, providing professional creative ceramic services for artists and provides a platform for artists as well as art institutions from all around the world to display their works.

The program of the International Artist-in-residency in 2022 is open to international artists wishing to explore the multitude of the finest ceramic arts traditions and techniques of Jingdezhen and to experience the depths of ceramic heritage in at the birthplace of porcelain.
Taoxichuan Ceramic Arts Avenue


Number of resident artists:
15 artists selected from all applications

Materials used in the residency:
mainly ceramic materials, other comprehensive materials supplemented

Duration of residency:
No less than 6 months (24 weeks)

Application deadline: March 15, 2022
What we offer
A. Travel:
1) International and domestic travel reimbursement to and from Jingdezhen (one economy class roundtrip ticket, tickets and itinerary are required).
2) Airport pick-up/ drop off in Jingdezhen.
3) A PU-letter to artists for visa application.
4) Costs of hotel accommodation during the quarantine

B. Studio:
1) 24hr-access to studio with use of an electric wheel, a worktable, general tools and ware boards.
2) Free firing in an electric kiln (two times) and a gas kiln (three times, including bisque firing). The cost of any additional firing (beyond five times) will be assumed by the artists.
3) Material stipend for clay, slip, glaze, green wares, hire mold makers, craftsmen, 3D print and other Jingdezhen specialists and etc., maximum¥10,000 RMB.
4) Translator services in the studio.
5) Access to assistants. Our assistants may be assigned to support one on one, or for few artists.

C. Room and board:
1) Taoxichuan canteen serves lunch (except weekends and holidays).
2) Kitchenette in our studio.
3) Basic self-service apartment (with bathroom, air conditioning, shared laundry facility).
How you will get involved in the community
We invite our residents to share their knowledge and experience, as well as help them to distribute their work. Our residents will receive the following rewards:

1) Lectures, workshops, and other activities
– Lectures: Our lectures are open to the general public, resident receives no honorarium
– Workshops: Non-public courses, with honorarium:
a. 10 or more students: 10,000 rmb honorarium
b. less than 10 students: 40 percent of the total cost of the workshop
c. Less than 3 students, workshop will be canceled. However, artist-in-residency may still proceed without honorarium.

2) Exhibition: Our residents will be offered a joint exhibition or individual exhibition, depending on the works of art (quality and quantity)
a. In the case of sales, Taoxichuan will receive 50% and artists will receive 50% of sales from the exhibition.
b. The artist will be responsible for all tax matters required by their home country.

3) Consignment:
a. During the consignment period, if works sold, after deducting taxes, Taoxichuan receives for 50% of sales, and artists receives for 50% of the sales.
b. After the consignment period ends, unsold works will be sent back to the artist by Taoxichuan. The packing fee, transportation fee and insurance fee will be assumed by the artist.
What you can do (and what we want you to do)
The responsibility of artists:
1. Extra material (clay, slip, glaze, green wares etc.), hire mold makers, craftsmen, 3D print and other Jingdezhen specialists etc.
2. Cost of packing, crating , shipping, insurance costs.
3. Cost of visa application.
4. Cost of local and nearby cities tour, visit factories, museum entry fees and transportation.
5. Artists shall hold a public lecture, and work with Taoxichuan Jingdezhen International Studio on related activities or TV interviews. There is no honorarium for the lecture, related activities and TV interviews.
6. Artists shall provide all the materials needed in the PU letter. (PU letter is an invitation letter issued by China Foreign Affairs Office. With the PU letter foreigners can apply for a new visa and enter China.)
7. After the completion of residency, artists shall donate 1/2 of the works to studio.
8. Artists shall cooperate with studio to complete the reception and visiting tasks.
How to apply
A. Application Materials
1) Resident Application Form
The form can be downloaded from the official website (
Forms can be obtained from the official e-mail (
2) Residency Plan (mainly the preliminary draft art creation scheme)
It can include the idea of the project, the overall plan and other content such as materials, space, personnel needs and etc. that may be involved in the residency.
It helps us understand the artist’s expectations for the project and overall vision.
3) CV (personal introduction, work experience, exhibition experience, award winning experience, etc.) and artists should ensure the accuracy of the content.
4) Personal portrait photo (JPG, 1Mb, resolution 300dpi)
5) Portfolio (art works which reflect the representative artistic characteristics)
6) Languages: Applications can be sent in Chinese or English

B. Submissions
From now until 6pm on March 15, 2022
Please send application materials to the official mailbox of Taoxichuan Jingdezhen International Studio:
Please title the email: “Application for international artist-in-residency program + artist name”
Our team
The Jingdezhen International Studio is an artist-in-residency program by the Taoxichuan Art Center in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, PR China.