Deadlines: 1 October 2022 – 31 Devember 2022 – 1 November 2022
Call for entries


One-Off Moving Image Festival 2022
Open call for one second movies
We’re looking for one second long movies on the theme “Life Perfect”.
The festival is digital and screens the movies online during the festival November 11 – 20, 2022.
We’re collaborating with 60Seconds Festival in Copenhagen (DK) which takes place at the same time. 60sec screens a selection of the movies mixed with their 60 seconds movies in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Køge and Helsingør during the festival week.
All movies will be included in the next Leap Second Festival, an irregular xennale lasting one second.
Submit movie. Deadline: October 1, 2022.


Open call Expo2121
An open call is made each year for this exhibition, which is to be unveiled in the year 2121 – in a century.
Given this time frame people are encouraged to think long-term, beyond oneself. For 2121 there are no obvious self-reinforcing incentives, no money, nothing to look forward to, nothing to show off since none of us are here presumably. Works are annualy reviewed by a changing curator group.
Submit work. Deadline: December 31, 2022.


#biennale.NO 2022 (Nov 1 – Dec 31)
Open call for participation.
The biennale doesn’t take place, with works that don’t exist.
There is nothing special to do.
Please participate and share the announcement.