Deadline: 15 March 2023
Call for entries

Call for Documentary/Activist Films, Video Art Projects and Activist Talks

2023 IIPPE Annual Conference – 6–8 September, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain (Vicalvaro, P.º de los Artilleros, 38, 28032 Madrid)

The Committee on Activism at the International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy (IIPPE) is inviting submissions of film and video art projects, and activist talks for our annual conference.

IIPPE is one of the largest international networks of heterodox political economists with a critical approach to neoliberal capitalism. The IIPPE Committee on Activism aims to provide a platform through which academics, artists, filmmakers and activists who are working for a more just and equal world can meet, share and discuss their work and establish collaborations.

The Committee on Activism programme runs in parallel with the academic conference and is open to a variety of formats, including film screenings, discussions, performances or more conventional academic papers. We are looking for projects and initiatives that offer a critical engagement with economics, capitalism and politics more broadly, including but not limited to ecological, decolonial, feminist, labour, antiracist, migrant and marginalised perspectives.

Documentary filmmakers and video artists are invited to submit work of up to 90 minutes duration, to be screened followed by a discussion.

Please include a preview link with your abstract. Activist presentations or workshops may be of a similar duration. Films which do not have English as their main language must have English subtitles.

Work will be screened as a digital video file, and the creator of the work or a representative with significant involvement in research or production must be present for the discussion session. We also strongly encourage contributors from outside Europe to participate, for
whom we will make a number of slots for virtual presentations available.

Please submit your proposal by 15 March at:

This will take you to our conference platform, Whova, where you can submit by creating a ‘ticket’. On the first page, please change the quantity of ticket to 1 and then click ‘Next’ to proceed. On the second page, fill in the required information and submit your abstract/proposal. Under ‘Select the Working Group pertinent to your Proposal’ choose ‘Committee on Activism’. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as completed. Full instructions here.

We hope to see you in September.
IIPPE Committee on Activism

There are no conference fees for Committee on Activism presenters, but presenters will need to pay the IIPPE membership fee of €30, and will be able to join the lunches and the conference dinner with an additional €50.

Contact addresses/URL: