Call forf entries
Deadline: 1 March 2013

International festival of experimental video – 13th edition
between July 9 and July 13, 2013 – Théâtre des Chartreux


art.1 : deadline for submission and sending mail is March 01, 2013. Please note on the package “no commercial value – for cultural purpose only” if origin is a non-European Union country, and the festival phone number 04 91 50 18 90 if necessary. The running time of each video is unlimited. Only videos produced after January 01, 2011 can be registered. Several films can be registered; only one entry form per film. Only videos considered as experimental are selected. There is no submission fee.

Association P’Silo
Théâtre des Chartreux
105 avenue des Chartreux
BP 90014
13234 Marseille Cedex 04 France

art.2 : you could choose between the secure online submission and the submission file .rtf. At registration, the representative image of the video (jpeg, 300dpi) and the videography of the author have to be sent by email. For the submission file, the duly completed entry form .rtf must be sent by email.

art.3 : the videos can reach the festival by dvd or by download. Each dvd can contain several videos. By download, the video file have to be in high quality, the link and the informations of download have to be sent by email.

art.4 : the authors of the selected videos will be contacted by email at the beginning of June 2013; their videos have to be sent deadline June 20, 2013 to the above address on minidv or dvcam (no master), by optimal quality files on dvd or by download link, and indicates 4/3 or 16/9, pal or ntsc formats.
Only for the minidv and dvcam the video have to start with a 30 seconds test pattern, followed by a countdown, and 10 seconds of black after the film.
Please note on the package “no commercial value – for cultural purpose only” if origin is a non-European Union country, and the festival phone number 04 91 50 18 90 if necessary.

art.5 : each author will be contacted by mail at the beginning of July 2013.

art.6 : during the festival, the selected videos will be screening by videoprojector from a computer, and the non selected videos will be proposed to the public from the catalog of the video library “à la carte” and will be screened on individual request, in the same technical conditions than the selection, from the preview video files.

art.7 : the videos which are considered as experimental by the selection committee will be kept, archived on dvd and listed on catalog in the P’Silo video library in January 2014. The P’Silo video library is a space where the videos are only consultable on site, free of charge.

art.8 : minidv or dvcam will be returned at the expense of the festival. The authors, producers and distributors give up any recourse against the organizers, including loss and damage of the videos when they are returned to the authors concerned.

art.9 : the authors, producers and distributors cede their rights for the duration of the festival. Any other utilsation outside the festival would be by predefined agreement.

art.10 : registration in the festival includes the authorization to use without rental fee a clip, not exceeding 30 seconds, of the selected works to promote the festival in a noncommercial objective (trailer, Internet, TV,…).

art.11 : the selection committee has supreme decision making authority.

art.12 : registration and participation in the Images Contre Nature festival imply the complete acceptance of the present regulations.