Call for entries
Deadline: 31 March 2013

for the 4th edition of the
Festival of Migrant Film
Ljubljana, 10th – 21st June 2013

About the Festival of Migrant Film in Ljubljana
Since 2010 Slovene Philanthropy and Zavod Voluntariat celebrate the World Refugee Day (June 20th) in Slovenia by organizing the Festival of Migrant Film which takes place in the capital city of Ljubljana. The festival is dedicated to all the migrants of the world and features a selection of films and videos of multiple genres which highlight diverse topics related to migrations, asylum/refugees and integration of migrants into local society.
Thematic focus of the festival reflects an important aspect of the global society of our time, as migrations are becoming one of the principal global demographic trends of the 21st century. While some people migrate on their own initiative and terms, others are forced to leave their homes because of causes out of their control. The Festival of Migrant Film strives to uncover a wide array of causes, conditions and struggles experienced by millions of people who have been forced to leave their home and seek protection and opportunity for a decent life outside of their home country.
Film is a powerful, thought-provoking medium, capable of providing profound insight into selected issues while evoking interest of diverse audiences. We are looking for: films that offer critical analysis of selected migration-related topics; films that, by relaying positive messages, inspire and mobilize individuals to contribute to acceptance of immigrants in our societies; and finally films that highlight the cultural heritage of migrants and display the importance of intercultural transfer of knowledge and the creative impulses it provides for social and cultural development of our societies.
The vision of the festival is a bright one: by providing relevant information and impactful experience, it promotes understanding and acceptance of diversity as foundation for development of an inclusive and equitable society!
Additional information is available on the festival web page: You can also follow all the festival news on Facebook (Festival of migrant Film) and Twitter (@FMFsi).

Call for entries for the 2013 edition of the FMF:

If you wish to participate, please send us a copy of your film or video in DVD format, accompanied by: 1) a filled-in registration form (short biography and filmography included); 2) a photo of the director/author (electronic file); 3) up to three (3) still shots from the film/video (electronic files) by no later than 31 March 2013 to the following address:

Slovenska filantropija
(For: Festival of Migrant Film)
Poljanska cesta 12,
1000 Ljubljana

Organizers’ contact information:
E:; T: +386 1 430 1288; M: +386 51 389 929 (Uroš Krasnik)
Facebook: Festival migrantskega filma /// Festival of migrant film; Twitter: @FMFsi

Note: the DVD copy will not be returned to the sender.

Additional information and instructions:

 Timeframe of the festival: 10th – 21st June 2013.
 Location of the festival: Ljubljana, Slovenia (screenings and events will take place in different locations).
 Central thematic fields: migrations, asylum and refugees, integration of immigrants and coexistence in multicultural societies. Central thematic fields include diverse topics, such as for example migration connected to violent conflict/war, asylum and migration policies, migrant workers, unaccompanied children, climate change and environmental migration, human trafficking and others.
 Year of production: while all film and video products are eligible for inclusion into the festival programme regardless of their year of production (under the condition that they haven’t been included into the programme of the previous editions of the FMF), more recent films and videos will be considered preferentially.
 Film/video genre: all film/video genres are eligible.
 Language: films and videos in any language are eligible under the condition of being equipped with Slovene or English subtitles, if the language of the film/video is other than Slovene or English.
 Duration of films/videos: films and videos of any length are eligible for inclusion into the festival programme.
 Potential additional screenings: By submitting the film or video for consideration to the programming team of the FMF the author/producer of the film/video agrees to any potential future screening of the said product (as part of a festival retrospective or a festival-related workshop) under the condition of all such screenings being free of charge/non-profitable. On their part, the organizing team commits to notify the author/producer of the video/film about any additional screenings in advance.

Once finalized, the programme will be published on the festival web page.