call for entries
Deadline: 29 March 2013

The Censorship Show

Triggered by the case against experimental filmmaker Lawrence Brose, Termite TV ( is producing a show about art and censorship.

Background: Lawrence Brose is an internationally-known award-winning gay experimental film artist who has created over thirty films since 1983. In November 2009, Lawrence was charged in federal court with possessing internet images of child pornography, including 100 images from his most famous, internationally-shown film, DE PROFUNDIS. Despite maintaining complete innocence, Lawrence lost his job as Executive Director of CEPA Gallery; was forced to hire a lawyer, which depleted all his savings; and many of his freedoms, such as the freedom to travel have been severely restricted. Since the arrest many facts have to light that call the charges against him into question. A detailed description about the case can be found at A good article about the case, “The United States vs. Lawrence Brose: A Butterfly on the Wheel” by William Altreuter can be found here:

Purpose of program: In this program we seek to show our solidarity with Lawrence Brose by addressing some of the pertinent issues this case raises (such as artistic censorship, prosecurial overreach, freedom of speech, criminalization of gay art), as well as related issues connected to Lawrence and his artwork. As this case is still ongoing Lawrence himself cannot be interviewed for this program. Experimental work is welcome. We are interested in pieces that captures some aspect of the emotional and intellectual impact of this case and the events surrounding it. Please contact coordinating producers Dorothea Braemer at or Joanna Raczynska at RACZYNSKA.JOANNA@GMAIL.COM to discuss your idea before you submit work.


Friday, March 29: Proposals for show segments (segments should be no longer than 5 minutes long) – Please contact us via e-mail to discuss your idea!

Friday, July 26: Finished pieces are due.
August/September: Show will be assembled.
September/October: Premiere screening